My new favourite toy

Buttox Humungus

backs up to the mirror and looks It’s a little on the large side, but its not THAT big!

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How is it Engrish? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Loman. :smiley:

Real Name: Minium Diametre

ahkeeyuu: Fabricati Diem-punc

Dekar: ::dekar!:: Elixir Clitoris

Cala, incase you haven’t noticed, it’s a joke script

Real name -> Maxim Caput
Xelopheris -> Testiculum Giganticum

I got a blank white screen. Bah, who needs it, I make up my own Roman names.

Real Name: Testiculum Giganticum
YourWorstEnemy:Scrotus Stimulibus
YWE:Minium Diametre

Hrm conflicting names o_0

Cloud Strife: Buttox Humungus
Sephiroth: Incontinentia Excrebus
Squall Lionheart: Purpura Cassis
Seifer Almasy: Minium Diametre
Zidane Tribal: Pious Tedium
Kuja: Multitudo Vomare
::dekar!:: : Elixir Clitoris

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<img src=“”>Roman my ass. “Bigus Dickus” is not Roman. It’s retarded Engrish gone bad. Hell, it gives Romans a bad image from this shit.

THey’re all dead, they won’t mind.

And for Pierson the white screen of nothing…

Real Name: Ariel Automatica
Heaven’s Soldier: Fiberus Lyre
Angelo Dreator: Errectimus Genitalii