My name isn't SG, but he should read this.

Yeah, it’s really good of you to ask a question and then lock the thread. That really solves things.

As for wanting the ToB back, I see no reason aganst it. It lets people who don’t want to lose their virginity (or whatever the crap you mods deside they won’t get) for posting random nonsense, and it lets me, and others, not have to sift through useless crap on the main forum when looking for an interesting read.

So, consider this a reply to your darling thread, which you so kindly stickied.

Yes, bring it back. I’m sick of seeing useless posts- and useless posts are a part of RPGC, Give them a good home.


I agree with Eden. If you don’t like the Tower of Babel, then don’t go there :smiley:

I’m going to have to Third that.

I mean, Sure I wasn’t here when the tob was up but comon people. This Main Forum is looking like a Tob! :moogle:

You don’t cure leprosy by creating a leper colony.

No, but if you remove a cat from it’s home, it will find it’s way back. However, if you move it to a new home and teach it were to stay, it will.


I’m sure it sounds like a good idea now, but we have to think about why it was removed in the first place. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Why was the ToB removed in the first place?

Unfortunatly, quite a few of the people who are posting the new nonsense-crap are people who were unable to experiance that history.

I for one don’t mind avoiding a forum which may or may not be in itself doomed for a while if it means 1) the post-ToB people will understand the point of useless threads, and 2) I can enjoy reading the main forum again.

Obviously, the free RP forum has failed it’s duties of the latter.


We’re talking about sick people here, not pets, goshdarndit.

When we did have the ToB, we still got stupid posts on the main forum. The mods just moved them to the ToB, if I remember correctly. If you resurrect the ToB, and mind you, you’re going to have to dig through a lot of salt and piss-soaked ash to do so, we’re still going to get stupid, idiotic, pointless, mindless posts on the main forum, and the only thing the presence of a ToB would do is in its own way legitimize that tomfoolery. A ToB will not solve anything.

I’m with Trian (not a large senseless bandwagon, but oh well) from this other thread. There is no need for a ToB or any other sort of RPGC-sponsored general depository for people’s mental diarrhea. I find it hard to believe that people who come here and interact on at least a semi-regular basis lack the very small amount of restraint required to keep the forums from being overpopulated by this inane crap. However, if their lives simply must depend upon spewing forth this mess to a wide, somewhat computer-literate audience, they can maybe bother to get a web journal or something and put it there. Hell, they can write on their ceilings in glow-in-the-dark paint if they want.

I’m certainly not saying that we should never ever ever be silly here. It’s fun to be that way sometimes. What I am saying is that I don’t think that we’re about satisfying the unnecessary need of a few people. I could be wrong about that, I’m not sure. Ultimately, it’s the prerogative of the people who run the show, whoever they may be, to decide the direction this place will take. If people don’t like it, they leave. If they do, they’ll stay. Whatever.

In short, I really don’t think RPGC is about sponsoring crap. At least I hope it’s not.

No, but if you instruct people that the main forum is not for things like, “HELLO MY NAME IS BOB” but rather for news- current issues and other wise- discusion and such things, people will eventually get it right. If they don’t, the ToB isn’t going to hurt anymore then what we are experiencing now- I think it is quite clear that the legitimacy of nonsense posts doesn’t need the ToB to help it along.

The ToB solves one imporant thing, and I thank hades for his excellent example. To borrow from his recent thread “I’m sorry, I’m just very bored.” (if I remember correctly) was the reason for that post. The ToB gives bored people, who can’t otherwise make an intelligent thread, for whatever reason, a place to feel at home. A place to grow and, hopefully, leave.

As for the thread moving from main to ToB, perhaps, as I said, a more dirrect instruction was approrate. As for people who simply do it for attention, not those who are new and can’t scroll down, delete them. It isn’t hard. The thread isnt’ there, closed, free for all to read- the point still gets across, they posted crap in the main forum, and people got to read it.

Infact, if you don’t want to bring the ToB back, just delete everything that is crap-tastic. If you mods can’t handle that, find mods who can.

I for one, as I have said in this thread before, am very sick of digging through the piss filled threads. If it means getting rid of them, I am more then willing to dig through the salt, crap, piss-on-ash, and whatever other things may have burried the ToB. Or, as I said, just lead by example, a hasty delete of nonsense threads.

Either way, I stand ready with my shovel.


Edit for the Vickie:

Yes, I understand that nonsense can be fun. Infact, I love it- I do it all the time myself. However, there is a time and place for everything. Right now RPGC has all the time, but no place.

So… Why again was the ToB closed in the first place?

People spam because they want attention. As most of us want to avoid spam, you can bet we’ll avoid going to the spam forum, thus the spam will simply be posted in the main forums anyway. A spam forum seems useless, if not redundant.

That’s my opinion anyway.

It was mostly salt and piss-soaked ash, and I’m pretty sure that’s why it was closed.

Er… Wasn’t that the point?

It isn’t so much spam as a bordem forum, and you might be surprised how many people visited it. Everyone has a certain tolerance for spam, when you don’t have your quota you go looking for some eventually. The ToB got alot of attention- people could find it there.

As I said, there are different ways of dealing with the main forum spam. If people crave that much attention that they can’t find in the ToB, then they need to go somewhere else. That action though, as any action does, has it’s consequence- be it deletion, banning, or just a light talking to by our kindly mods.

As redundent as it is, it provides a place that those of us who get our spam and sillyness quota elsewhere can avoid.


Perhaps, rather than spam, the bored people just…y’know…odd as it seems…show a little restraint? Treat this place like it isn’t (continuing Ms. Mint’s bodily-function analogy) their own private little mental latrine?

Even if the return of the ToB gives bored people something to do, as I said above, the main forum will still get stupid posts. We will still get periodic bandwagon threads. Rather than acknowledge this nonsense as part of the forum community, we should try to find out how to stop the quintessential stupidity that spurs the trends lots of people get pissy about on this board. The mods had some success a while back when they came down hard on the fit of assholishness that had come down over everyone. They didn’t do it by creating a forum where people could go and bitch at each other all the time (we have PMs, remember), they did it by telling people to cut the crap. And it worked, until people eventually forgot how serious the situation had been and how severe the response.

Actually, it was more of a spam forum. There was an overabundance of threads that were just “.” which everyone posted a period in. It’s stupid. It’s pointless. And not many people went there either- it was a clique of people there that claimed they ruled over it and ostracized everyone not in their special little club. Not only did the ToB NOT make the spam and stupid shit better, it caused problems in every other forum, especially when stupid little groups from there went and intentionally screwed over threads to try to get stuff put in the ToB. The ToB was a disaster, a failed experiment, a wreck, and I for one am not going to be willing to encourage the stupdity that happened there to return by advocating it coming back. The ToB didn’t make things better, it did not make people grow, and it did not make the main forum more insightful. It dirtied everything it came in contact with, and I’m glad it’s gone.

Wow… I just scrolled down a bit and saw all the “Hi, my name is ___” threads… What the FUCK? Are those people retarded? What was the point of that? Jesus Christ people. O_o

You’re asking an online forum to show restraint? In my experiance, online miracles are very rare indeed.

As I said, there are different ways for dealing with this. If people have forgotten, Sin, or whoever the crap scared everyone, needs to do it again. What is going on isn’t working.

Kagon, maybe when people intentionaly drive things to the ToB, those people should be delt with. Same for people who do it now.

The ToB may not have been the best answer, it may have failed, it may have been crap, but it was something. Something is more then what is going on right now. Hopefully this is the crest of the wave, it will all come crumbling down (on its own or with some help) and the majority of posters here can get back to enjoying this forum more then we are now, or at all for that matter.



It just dawned on me, these people who post crap really should just come to the chat rooms.