My name is STFU.

Come on, I know at least some of you are more creative than this!

I depend upon each of you to contribute to this board so that when I come home from a long hard day at work I can be entertained for at least five minutes by reading the pieces of your lives that you leave here. But noooooo… I come here today and most of the newer threads are this bandwagon crap. At least I got a PM, so that livened things up a bit, since I NEVER get those.

I want each of you to come up with something else, as long as I don’t think it’s stupid.

… so stfu. fdokghsdifhg

I hope you know that by “cleverly” naming your thread thusly, you’ve contributed to the bandwagon. Superficially you are just as part of the bandwagon as anyone else, and your message, although opposite in nature to the intended effect of the bandwagon, has now become hollow, meaningless, and above all hypocritical. If, for example, you had not named your thread with such a smart-alec name and simply berated others for their lack of creativity without obviously displaying such a blatantly obvious lack of your own, you might have gotten a point across. Now it is too late.

j/kj/j/kj/kjkkjkjkjkjkjkj LLOL!!!1

Lol, I was telling people We needed the tower of Babble Back so thoese topics wont go here, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo… Oh well sorry for the crappy day Miss Mints. :fungah:

<font size=90>I LOVE YOU, VICKI MINTS!</font>

… I heart you, Charlemagne. In normal-sized letters.

edit - Cless, I admire you. You’re so on the page.

Natsu is displeased with the misuse of Love Hina images. >:(

My love for you is font sized +90, I think thats over the limit.

PS: Kai, you’ll wake up with Natsus severed head on your pillow.

Charle, that is a frickin’ awesome image. Fact.

thank you, I cropped it myself. for just such a situation.

I hoped somone would at least make a classic roots refrence “My name is Kunta!”

I pride myself on my individuality and my free spirit, and having never ever copied charle before on anything, I figured why the hell not? I made that thread as a joke, and suddenly there’s 10 more on the board when I come back to see what’s going on.

Seriously, people, this is pathetic. I know I started the mimicing this time, but surely you all have the perception required to see that something shouldn’t be repeated - if not for it’s sheer stupidity but if because it’s annoying to see what is practically the same thread going up and down the first page.

I only made my thread cuz i’m damn sick of being called Charle!

But Charlemange is so many more letters!

that was like 40 characters right there. Charlemagne is only 11 of those. ok? ands its magne, not mange!

My bad, I type too fast and hit letters out of order on rather often occasions. It’s a bitch typing one of my passwords because of that.

Creepy blinkiness.

Have a shorter name people could call you? ^^