My name is Sorcerer.

Got it?


Chut up!

Go back to china!

Sure, Mac Maverick.

Thanks, 984

You’re welcome, Uriel.

Ok, Kairi!

an excelent comment MegamanY2X

Ye… no. What was the question?

did you really grow your hair out sorc? is that you in your avatar?

i remember you looking like a toughguy, now you’re borderline emokid.

But you look like Shinobi!

no, thats not me - that’s Shinobi. But I did have my hair grown out, and I hope it looked more metal-ish than it did emo. I ended up getting it cut because long hair down here is a license to fry in the sun. Plus it gets all frizzy because of the humidity.

But I need to get it cut again, because right now I look like one of the beatles.

And I’m pretty sure that nobody quite understood what TD was talking about ;p

Besides, I haven’t wandered into the chat with that name in some time.

Pft, I knew, I KNEW. KNEW, I DID! Oh and hi sorc, welcome to the boards :D~

al gore did create the internet, just for your information. he helped push the the legislation through the senate to turn the military arpanet system into what we now know as the internet. which is exactly what he said he did when he said that he “helped create the internet” which was turned in the hands of republican campaign strategists into some absurd claim that made him look rediculous. your signature propogates misinformation and makes you look foolish.

Thanks foofs.