My name is IonMage

And I normally don’t jump bandwagons, but I felt like doing so today.

this is getting sad. :bowser: :spam: :bowser: :spam:

its good to be the king.

yes, Charlemagne the king of :spam:

Yes, and you are deathstryke, king of over using the :spam: emoticon

His name is Ionmage
he tends to bring the plague
everyone loves ionmage
he’s a red on the awsome gague

plague and mage dont rhyme, but who cares?

I bored and it’s new and a whole lot better than

I’m sure someone does (waits for person to come and bitch about Charlemagne’s poetry)

If your’ talking about me, I don’t care. I wouldn’t mind bringing a plague upon the universe.

And just for the record, his name’s Steve.

Just for the record: That’s my goddamn horse bitchslaps Yar


Madness… Let me get my Suggs Sprite.

Big Nutter

kung-fu block Hey, it’s not my fault his name IRL happens to be Steve. :stuck_out_tongue: