My mother!

My mother is now open for business. ^o^

What is our mission? What is our purpose? What can we do for you that other stores haven’t already done twice in the past?

While we could go ahead and give you the same generic response that every other mother retailer in existence throws at you, we really think that with today’s competitive market, ‘Cheap Prices!’, ‘Fast Shipping!’ and ‘Great Customer Servicing!’ aren’t so much a service as they are an obligation. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing more important to us than getting you the mother you want as quickly as possible and at a great price. But then again, so do the other guys.

So what can my mother offer you that other online mother stores desperately lack?

In a word, syphillis!

In more than a word, we don’t JUST strive to create an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for our visitors. We are determined to present you with a place you’ll genuinely want to keep coming back to - not only for your mother needs, but for the putrid odor as well. In that aspect alone, we strongly believe my mother soars above the competition.

Come check us out! ^^

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Heads up, this is probably gonna get nailed shut.

Hey, at least it isn’t someone trying to sell cigarettes this time.

It’ll still be locked, though

not to mention a probable ban since the user was obviously created for the sole purpose of spamming this ad. eats fool’s face

Yay! Read the rules next time.