My memory card is special.

I was clearing out old data on my PS2 memory card to make room for new stuff and I noticed that somehow data from a PS1 game got saved on it. I loaded the data and it actualy worked. I thought PS2 memory cards couldn’t save PS1 games. Does anyone know how this is possible?

It’s the work of God. Don’t question it!

What game are we talking about, out of curiosity?

Circle of Blood.

I’ve never heard of this happening. I even tried it, it never worked.

You can load and save <I>from the PS2 card</I>? Because I have plenty of PS1 saves on a PS2 memory card, but I copied them there from PS1 cards. If you can load/save from that card, try it with different games.

And I’ve never heard of this Circle of Blood game… who published it?

The strange thing is that I don’t remember ever saving the game and I know I didn’t transfer it. Oh and the game was published by…uh… * looks at the front of the case* I’m guessing THQ inc.

Is it Broken Sword? Because that’s the only thing that shows up on GameFAQs when I type in “Circle of Blood.”

My friend managed to do the same thing with Tales of Destiny 2. It was pretty sweet.

Thats really weird. That must mean that the card is capable of saving PSX data, but sony intentionally crippled it. Weird.

I know Suikoden II allowed you to copy a finished save game to a PS2 card to be loaded into a Suikoden III game. That’s the only time I’ve ever had any interoperability between cards and games of the different consoles.

I had never heard of a ps1 game actually reading off of a ps2 memory card. I know that ps1 saves can be stored on a ps2 card (I make use of that all the time), but no games I have ever tried will actually load saves off a ps2 card. 0_o

I was able to do it once for Monster Rancher 2, but I think it was a fluke. I forgot that it was a PS1 game and didn’t bother to change the memory cards. After that, I couldn’t even get the game to work unless I had a PS1 memory card in. I lost the data because I am stupid and didn’t even think of transferring from one card to the other.

My poor Mochi…

Yes it is . Sorry I fogot that they changed the name of the game when they made it for the PS1.

That sounds bizarre…nothing like that has ever happened to me. I know I’ve tried. So many huffs and puffs when I realized I had the wrong memery card in and had to get up again to change it.