My job.....grah.

Ok, so I got the job. What I THOUGHT was just going to be a janitorial job for the hospital turned out to be listed under “Laborer” for Brice Building, the company that works at the hospital.

So instead of being limited to, as it plainly says in the job description, “vaccum, sweep, clean, take out trash” it’s also “do whatever the hell someone tells you to do”. So basically, I’m the companys bitch now, minus the prison scenes. -_-

It isn’t TOO bad but it’s starting to wear me down. As I work, I start thinking back at high school and other people. That’s when i start thinking angry thoughts like “while I’m gone that damn fucker BETTER not touch her” n’shit and I just get lost in one fucked up emotional storm. Then I get out of it and I’m in a damn downer for the rest of the time. And I have NO distractions whatsoever. Can’t read when I have nothing to do but wait…can’t listen to music (and I ALWAYS have music playing where ever I go), etc. etc. etc.

Whiny? Griping? Complaining? No, just aggitated. I feel gypped.

As for the other part of this thread other than venting off shit…

I’m scheduling my other works. I’ll be doing the Senior Song/Shrine on days I ain’t got to work and the ROM Review/Tetris remix (WTF is old school?) on Mon-Thurs, the days I DO have to work definately.

So bah…:thud:

Don’t know if that’s worth only $7.75, Kagato. Maybe look for another job…? At least I’ve always been able to read/do hw at my job when I have nothing else to do.

Speaking of jobs, I just started my first one today. Unlike Kagato’s, mine is hella easy. All I have to do is wash dishes and put away plates at a restaurant for 4-6 hours a day and I’m done. I’m making minimum wage, but I usually do that at home for free anyways. Oh yeah, sorry to hear about your sucky job.

At least you guys actually do something. I have to sit at a PC for three hours with a man in black sunglasses and a shotgun standing over me. In the dark.

dude, get yourself another job. That one isn’t worthy unless they triple your salary.

Ok, I’m finally off work. For a couple of days.

I will not be able to find another job that pays 7.75$ so it looks like I won’t be quittin’ anytime soon. The whole depression stuff is passing by, though. I’ll tough it out for another week and see what happens…