My internet is Down... But not completely!

Strange thing, so Comcast’s service apparently went cablooey a little while ago. I had pretty much lost all connectivity an all of a sudden, among my frustration, this site worked again.

I cannot, however, access other sites like google or

So yeah, its funny how part of my internet is working right now… Lucky me, lucky you! :slight_smile:

Can you get on WoW?

The exact same thing happened to me, were pages taking forever to load and only loading occasionally? It’s good to know it’s not my connection, thank god.

I have Comcast too, and it was running like shit, so I poked around and found this on Ipkonfig:

“Currently in the USA there are approximately three major routers down. Asia, of course, is suffering quite a bit, too. If you’re ever curious, check out

Quickfix: Find another DNS Server and enter the details manually. for example:

Goto Network Settings>TCP/IP>Properties.

There should be a place for Preffered DNS Server, and a alternate. Enter these two: and

Once I changed mine, shit is working like a champ again.

Yeah, I was down for a few hours today, too. I’m back now, though, fortunately.