My insane idea

Dude, I live in the UK so tell me if you get through!

heh, Lunar, I can tell you right now that rule #1 is going straight out of the window (inspired by my mate Graham and the shirt of many colours- I’m going with a little gold number, should I get on :wink: ) I don’t have a degree so #4’s safe (although Maths A Levels are going to be centre on very quickly, I imagine :thud: I work in a call centre, which while it seems to contravene #3, doesn’t if you’ve been in that environment for about 7 minutes :runaway: I’d never even think of #6, that’s TWL suicide, but obviously, should the oppurtunity arise, #5 is going out the window SO fast. :wink:

Thanks for the advice, though :wink:

A gold shirt! Lol ^^ at least I’ll recognise you if you get on the show :wink:

Provided it doesn’t get rejected- cameras are sensitive things, I may just have to settle for a bog-standard yellow one instead (or ask Graham to lend me his hawaiian one, regardless of the fact that he’s 6’ 5" and I’m 5’ 8" :wink: )

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Lady S: I have no idea who I meant, but that is SO, I REALLY feel sorry for him.

Yeah, same! She is MEAN!

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[b]… Why are people saying goodbye? I don’t think it is THAT bad applying.

Good luck, Neb. Tell me how you do. [/b]
It’s called a pun, jeeze :stuck_out_tongue: