My insane idea

Yep, as some people may be aware (well, about one, I’d guess) I’m something of a quiz-show fanatic, and now that I’ve got my PC back, I’m going to send off an application form for… THE WEAKEST LINK (British version, obviously :wink: ).

Don’t ask me what I’m on, I honestly don’t know. :wink: Wish me luck, people! :slight_smile:


Nice knowing you Neb.

It was nice knowing you, whoever you are.

Whoo, go Neb! Ahh…I actually don’t know you, but hope to see you there! Make sure Anne Robinson doesn’t put ya down too much! Lol :wink:

I haven’t seen the ‘Weakest Link’, I have no idea what the ‘Weakest Link’ is, but I’m going to wish you luck never the less; whoever you are.

Can you actually answer any of the questions asked on the show while watching?

I typically get about 98% right from the first few rounds, all except the last one and the head-to-head which are harder (but by then, it’s down to two players anyway). I am often astonished by the level of anti-knowledge of some people on there, so no doubt I’d walk the audition, and as I’ve already been on a TV games how before (more than once, in fact) nerves ain’t going to be a factor.

And Anne Robinson can just bring it- she does not scare me in the slighest. :enguard:

Well, good luck on those dates. authors and history questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck Neb.

Thanks for the wishings of luck, everyone (forgot to say it last post which was a bit :thud: in hindsight)- the questions on TWL are honestly not that hard- if you’re ever in the UK, be sure to catch a quiz show called “fifteen to one”- that is the very definition of hard, you need to have about 3 different types of degrees from Oxford and memorised the complete works of Chaucer to answer even half the questions :runaway: :runaway:

… Why are people saying goodbye? I don’t think it is THAT bad applying.

Good luck, Neb. Tell me how you do.

G’luck, Neb!

Give that sexualy-frustrated ice bitch a swift kick in the shins for me!

I saw that in Canada… If the British host/ess is as bitchy as that one, I feel sorry for you if you get to be on the show. But good luck, anyway!

i really don’t know you at all, but good luck anyway.

Originally posted by Jing
I saw that in Canada… If the British host/ess is as bitchy as that one, I feel sorry for you if you get to be on the show. But good luck, anyway!

You mean Anne Robinson? She IS the english host!

I haven’t seen any new episodes in the U.S. I kinda like the show too. I’m also a game show fanatic. If any of you see new episodes (those from like this year or late last year as I know it takes a while for them to get here) let me know. Anyway Neb, good luck and if I ever see the taping don’t making me go “What a loser!” to you :slight_smile: .

Lady S: I have no idea who I meant, but that is SO, I REALLY feel sorry for him.


Neb, you are one crazy foo’ :suckah:

Nevertheless, I wish you luck ^^ Remember:

Don’t wear anything that stands out;
Don’t have an interesting job that no one else is likely to have;
Don’t have a mundane job either;
Don’t have an English degree and then answer an English-related question wrong;
Don’t backchat Anne Robinson;
Don’t spend ages thinking of an answer, and then pass - that really annoys people :stuck_out_tongue:

These Weakest Link survival tips were brought to you by LC :wink: