My inquiry to Nintendo for releasing PS4/SF2 for GBA SP!

Hello everyone, depending on how much you value classic gaming, I’ve sent an inquiry to Nintendo about releasing Phantasy Star IV and Shining force II, the best/most popular rpgs for Sega

Genesis, to release it on GBA SP. Here is my inquiry.


I have contacted you several times and made inquires regarding the game of Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force II for Sega Genesis. As I have seen, for GBA SP, you have released Phantasy
Star Collection which was very grand which had PS1/2/3, and most recently… Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon, which was purely an incredible move.

However, their ultimate sequels on the Sega as well known as Phantasy Star IV, which once sold at an amazing EIGHTY DOLLARS for about a year straight in 1994/1995, and Shining Force II
which still generates a HUGE fan base 12 years later, are truly admirable and perhaps the best Sega Genesis RPGs of all time.

Recommendation of getting the rights to these two games would NO DOUBT give you a big BOOM in sales, popularity and more. You’re probably thinking “Why bother listen to a kid who
probably just wants a certain game on GBA SP?” Well I know for a fact the GBA and GBA SP’s age is beginning to fade, so why not end it with releases of these two MAGNIFICENT games? The
fact is I am also owner of BEEP, preserver of these ultimate games.

I’m not asking you to release all the great games on Sega Genesis, I’m merely saying that I have NO DOUBT that you would make thousands of dollars or more if you would somehow get

Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force II on the GBA. I will hope to hear from you and pray you take this note into consideration, thank you.

Paulos Hunter Blade of BEEP

My inquiry link

PS4/SF2 info link

Forgive the link advertising, but this is important. Now, this is a sort of thing that needs support, as I’ve kept talking to Nintendo about it. I know Shining Force II possesses a HUGE FAN BASE

and Phantasy Star IV once sold at stores for EIGHTY DOLLARS. You may also ask why release it at all or on GBA? Because GBA is the best handheld out there, besides the Nintendo DS is so hard to use and I’m not interested in seeing TWO

SCREENS when I am playing a game, reminds me of a multi split screen with a two player game, yuck. Anyone interested in contacting Nintendo about this as well? Thank you, e-mail/IM me for

more information.

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