My head hurts...

Can anyone think of any reasons for this? I’ve been coming home with headaches, frequently. I get bad pains at school that intensify during the day and at home especially. For the past 4 days, I’ve come home with headaches and I’m not sure why (could be that special time of the month). I’ve read about a condition that 5% of the teenage population apparently suffers from-constant migraines and I’m just wondering if this is something similar or if it’s stress. Is it possible to get headaches when you’re stressed?

Anyone have any suggestions or remedies?

Tell the nurse, a kid in my class is suffering from migrains, and he has too go to the nurse everytime…and it could be stress. I’ve had headaches in the middle of the day before if we have a lot of work.

Well, my friend Laura has migraines, she gets shots for them… I don’t know if you have it that bad though.

Hell, yeah. It’s more common on adults but it’s definetly possible.

Kiro’s right, you should go check with a doctor.

Having headaches for four days straight falls into the “serious enough to get yourself checked by a doctor” category. Maybe you do have migraines, or maybe it’s something else. Don’t guess, get yourself checked, pronto.

(Sorry if this sounds rude) Goodness you have a lot of medical issues, I hope they all go away soon.

Yea, same for me. They don’t always fully develop, but they’re a bitch none the less. I get migraines, too. Only Excedrin works for me, though.

Get a guy to stroke your head and soothe your pain as you lay on the couch and doze off. I suggest me.

Haha not really…only this and getting sick, in the summertime. And I’ve been thinking about going to the doctor about it, I think I’ll definately have to, after determining whether this is just a phase or not, I guess.

And sure Hades. I’ll radio my private jet to fly you in immediatly.

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Ooooooooh, you have a private jet and escort chopper?! I wanna ride! I wanna ride!!! :slight_smile: :hyperven:

It may be stress. Sometimes when I came home from school, I’d get some nasty headaches also. But if it keeps happening, your best bet would be to see a doctor whenever you can.

First determine if it’s stress. Not sure how to do that, other than recommend that you get un-stressed. I recommend this simply because if it IS stress and if a doctor gives you medication for it, you’re not really solving the problem at hand, just treating the symptom temporarily. Maybe that’s an option if whatever’s causing the stress isn’t a long term thing, but if it is maybe you should think about addressing the source instead.

It’s AIDS.

But yeah, it most likely is caused by stress. I know the feeling, I’ve had it for like months, that’s most likely a lifestyle thing however. Since painkillers also don’t work on me because of my metabolism, it’s so annoying. Going to the doctors might be a good idea in a few days.

Are you stressed? Did you start taking medecine (anything, maybe even birth control pills)?

When i have random headaches, they’re normally attributed to three different things:

  1. Hunger
  2. Lack of Sleep
  3. Anxiety (I have odd symptoms for anxiety :P)

Try fixing one of those if nothing else works.

I don’t know what the weather is like up there, but I used to get vicious headaches from being dehydrated in the Summer.

Drink lots of water during the day. Might be mild dehydration.
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My grandfather use to have this when he was a young adult as well. He just said it was growing pains though. I know that doesn’t help but it might be a possibility.

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Yeah, I used to get a migraine at least once every 2 weeks…part of my vision would go all technicolor, and then BAM! terrible pain, like an ICEPICK STUCK IN MY HEAD. >_<

It could be nothing, but you’d better get it checked out anyways.