My great pilgrimage

First, a little background info.

The town I come from is called La Crescenta. It’s a relatively small town (about 20 thousand people) in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Recently our town got this little slogan from the Chamber of Commerce or something, calling it “The balcony of Southern California” (because our town is basically built on the side of a mountain overlooking LA).

Anyway, one of my friends in my dorm is also from La Crescenta, and we began making our hometown out to be this fantastic place that’s like heaven on earth. Each time we talk about the holy city of La Crescenta, it gets even more heavenly. Our spiel has gotten so elaborate that you might even be able to call it a cult. One night thought we decided we should make a “pilgrimage” back to the Holy Land. I’m not sure at what point this went from a joke to something serious, but we actually decided we were going to walk from UCLA back to La Crescenta, which is about 30 miles.

This Saturday we finally did it. It was pretty fun, though our legs were ready to fall off by the time we were through. We took along walking sticks and put little palm leaves on them so that they looked more like the staffs that wandering monks would carry. It got us more than a few stares, let me tell you. We met some people on our trek, some of whom actually thought that the whole pilgrimage thing was pretty cool. My friend Dave took a bunch of pictures, and I’ll post them here as soon as he emails them to me.

It’s crazy stuff like this that makes college a whole lot of fun. There will be many stories coming out of this one, I can tell. I heartily recommend doing something silly and unique at least once during your college days (since many of you are approaching that age quickly).

Of cource La Crescenta being heaven is about as far from the truth as you can get.

Dude, that just fucking rocks! Man, I wanna do something like that.

neato, how long did it take?

I’m guessing a few days? Sounds good though, glad you had fun.

Wow, that really is cool. High five.

Originally posted by Urkani
I’m guessing a few days? Sounds good though, glad you had fun.
Nah, a person could walk 30 miles in a day, it’d be a long day. Probably a 10 hour walk without stopping, and plus adding on some more time for the slowed pace at the end.

Epic is close. It took about 12 hours total, and if you add all the breaks up, subtract an hour for that.

We originally had planned to take a two day trip because we thought the distance was closer to 40 miles. 30 just about hit my limit for a single day… if I had been born in the next town over, I wouldn’t have made it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like something I’d love to do… Now to find someone who’d be crazy enough to come along! Mweehee!

<img src=“”> You want to make a pilgrimage from Sweden to La Crescenta? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d have to be able to hold your breath an aweful long time :stuck_out_tongue:


I would make a pilgrimage to where I was born, but some idiot has placed an ocean in between. Of course. I can’t really remember where it is either.

The pilgrimage would take me about oh… 5 minutes tops =P. I’m right near the border between the city I live in and the city I was born in, so walking there wouldn’t be any problem really.

Heh I don’t think that I could hype up Goshen to be anything. Sounds like fun though.


Maybe I’ll walk to… um… I am so bad at geography. Was born ten minutes from here, so that would be a pretty pointless idea.

Sorry for the semi-necropost… I don’t even know how many of you still care about this after it’s been a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the pics we took were of cool-looking houses, but there are cool-looking houses where you live too (probably), so I won’t post all those.

My friend Dave. Note the stylish pilgrim’s cane, complete with palm leaf.
<img src=“”>

Myself. We saw cool gates like these all around the first part of our journey.
<img src=“”>

A weird fish mailbox that Dave thought was terribly funny.
<img src=“”>

The forums didn’t like me posting all 7 pictures in one post, so here’s the rest.

Church #1.
<img src=“”>

Church #2. Believe it or not, this thing was only built in 1959. Looks a lot older, eh?
<img src=“”>

The Department of Water and Power!! This is one of those dumb pictures we took because there was nothing else nearby. We laughed about this one for awhile. :stuck_out_tongue:
<img src=“”>

Here’s the end of our trip. The sign that inspired our little cult (and thus inspired the pilgrimage itself).
<img src=“”>

There you have it. Man, I wish I had a digital camera of my own…

Kero, it’s official now, you kick ass.