My Gift to the Millenial Fair....REMIXES! *New Site!*

Just when you thought it was safte to turn down your speakers, G.H.O.D comes back and cranks that shit up while your slappin’ your jimmy around!

NEW! Remixes!

NEW! Sounds!

NEW! Beats!

NEW! Styles!

NEW! Ideas!

NEW! Hippo Monkeys!

Props to all beta-testers and inspirators.

And special props and caik to Nulani for the space. So leik, OMG! U RAWK!

Comments/Critizism/Candy is welcome.

I was told there would be new hippo monkies, where the hell are they?

Advise for the Abnormal fucking rocked by the way.

Good god Kagato… that was beautiful.

It’s like buttah.

sorry i know i’m off topic…but is Gackt=Ashley???

whoopz… never mind i asked dat question…neeever mind. apologies…

Sweet, I got mistaken for a woman :stuck_out_tongue:
(It’s Steve :P)

gaaaah, I feel dumb.

DT, I promise you I’ll make a hippo monkey remix some day, m’kay? Don’t hurt meh.

DT? But I said it…

Originally posted by Epicgamer
DT? But I said it…

But no-one listens to you. :stuck_out_tongue: If you get the Hippomonkeys, does it matter?:mwahaha:

I can download those songs at 100mBit. HoHoHoHo!

Well, DT wanted a HippoMonkey first…

And I’m sorry about that Epic. I’ll make a HippoMonkey remix for you too, m’kay?

Nul: Ok, but how do you like the songs? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to get my computer @ college sent back, fixed hopefully, and back again. So please expect a new remix before March. I’m planning it to be (idea turning around and stuff) Frankie Vallies - Too Good to be True combined with the Theme of Love, complete with all the 50’s sounding instruments. No rock kits, no heavy guitars, no synth, I’m going to try and make it old sounding, but still good sounding…

Well, then again I also said I was making a Sweet Home remix long ago. And the Senior Songs…

But expect it anyways!