MY game tournament

Ah think Ahm a-votin’ for Terfa. And Yorffie.

Uh, Coach Z, I think you’re better off votin’ for Tifa. She’s REALLY hot! And I think Yuffie’s pretty cute, too …

That’s what Ah said! Terfa and Yorffie!

Mn hyamha!

Actually, as far as I’m concerned, we can just add every single frickin bishojo in the videogame universe. … Actually, on second thought, never mind.

Oh, gods, Yar’s co-opting the Homestar Squad. Not only that, but thanks to me, his posts spam <i>and make fun of his spam</i> at the same time!

And I usually just spam and make fun of Zhou Yu…wait, is that the only reason I’m here?

Uh…of course not.