MY game tournament

Dante Fury: Welcome to the first TEH VIDEOGAME SUPA TOURNY! I’m Dante Fury, and co-hosting are my companions…

Cecil: I don’t want to be here.

Edgar: Celes… I love you.

Celes: This SUCKS. We don’t get to compete because we’re up here. Oh, and up yours Edgar.

Dante: Ok, I’ll give you the contestants!

Fox McCloud (Star Fox)

Kain (FFIV)

Ryu (Street Fighter)

Dante (Devil May Cry)

Slippy Toad (Star Fox)

Edward (FFIV)

ExDeath (FFV)

Terra (FFVI)

Shadow (FFVI)

Gogo (FFVI)

Cloud (FFVII)

Sephiroth (FFVII)

Squall (FFVIII)

Master Chief (Halo)

Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)

Pac-Man (Take a guess)

Sonic (Take another guess)

Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2)

Tails (Sonic 2- the rest)

Gannondorf (Ocarina of Time)

Pikachu (Pokemon)

Captain Falcon (F-Zero)

Fighter (FFI)

Black Mage (FFI)

Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong games)

Luigi (Mario games)

Yoshi (Yoshi)

Rune (PS)

Wren (PS)

Bowie (SFII)

Dalton (Chrono Trigger)

Dante: If you want to know what the first match up is, vote at this URL:

Congratulations, not only did you rip this concept off of Gamefaqs but you didn’t explain what the hell this Tourney is.

Kain Must win!

Zombie_Ori: I’m not riping it off. This RPGC exclusive unless somebody is really searching, and it’s best charactr of all time. Only with Link and Mario. That way you might not ACTUALLY KNOW who’s gonna win.

It’s still the same idea…and out of that lot, I’ll go for Black Mage.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
It’s still the same idea…and out of that lot, I’ll go for Black Mage.

We go by matches. The first match is at this URL.

I just wanted to let you know… You have to sign-up and register and crap, and no one probably wants to.

I sure as hell don’t want to sign up!

what the hell? where is RUNE?!?!?! and Wren?!?!?! what about Sandor from Vay? Bowie from Shining Force II? Alex from Lunar? Sven from Popful Mail even!?!?!?

either way, Rune could kick all their asses ^^ Rune gets my vote ^^

What about Stinkoman?

Uh, he’s from an anime. And what’s more, the only game based on it is a fighting game.

As far as I can tell it basically is a rip-off because it’s the same concept. And Orak, I’d say it’s Dante’s narrow view of Video game characters that he’s using to choose the ‘combatants’.

What about “20X6: The Legacy of Stinkoman” that they’re coming out with in a few minutes?

Look, fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbksdabkfabkveybvf, I’m sorry to say, but, …

Okay, fine! I’m voting for Dalton!

What!? Why??

And I’ll vote Chaz.

Look, casting these contradictory votes is just plain spoony.

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Originally posted by DanteFury
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Interesting choice, considering this is YOUR thread.

I’m just sayin’.

Originally posted by DanteFury
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You’re one to talk. You started this whole mess.

EDIT: Val beat me to it…

I started it but now this is full of trolls or whatever, and random votes. I edited the list. Now has Orak’s people and Yars.

It doesn’t matter, it’s still not gonna take off. We’re just cracking jokes about the stupidity of it all by now.

And it’s TrollING, not Trolls.

Laugh a little bit.
Live then learn to smile and laugh.
And life will improve.

Nice Haiku, GM. I give it a 9.

Haikus now. Great. If you want to vote fine, if not FINE.