My friend's roomate's girlfriend is so annoying

Edit: that edit I made before was giving me a headace

Amerycinsycho’s roomate’s girlfriend is really annoying. She really fat and watches disney movies and enjoys the show “full house” for non-ironic reasons. She’s always in the room and makes kissy faces with my friend’s roomate. She also sleeps on his couch with the TV on when he’s trying to study. What a horrible friend’s roomate’s girlfriend, If I were 'sycho, I’d probably go to the library and make a pipe bomb or something. But I guess it would annoy me more if I lived with him, since i’m actualy 30 miles away from whats happening.

Dude totally pipe bomb her ass!

I hope this thread is trying to be a clever spoof of Izlude’s similarly-themed thread, but I can’t tell.

But she sounds an awful lot like me, in any case. I enjoy Disney movies, Full House for non-ironic reasons, falling asleep on the couch and making kissy faces too. I suppose that means you find me infinitely annoying?

And I’m not fat, but the fact that you bring that up in your list of things that annoys you about her makes me sick.

Woh woh woh, lets slow down a bit here. Hey, it’s fine to watch disney movies, and full house, and take naps, but it’s kind of strange when a person does it all the time every day in a room they don’t live in.

But actualy I just made this as a spoof of the latest roomate threads, and relaying the gerneral complaints someone had about their roomate’s girlfriend.

Yeah, it’s strange, but it’s also totally awesome. I’d love to meet a girl like that.

You should have a talk with her for being so inconsiderate.

There, I changed it so you’ll understand it better, however some of the thread’s original subtle humor is lost.

Psst, you’re supposed to keep playing along BMO

haha! ahh your humor was subtle as well! Alas I am beaten.

Yes! Fat girls ha! why don’t they lose some wieght?

Wait a minute, doesn’t he say at least some of those things about YOUR girlfriend?

This is the first thread that someone wrote about me. And I think this thread is shit.

That only shows you have no taste :frowning:

Maybe a switch in roomates is needed… I would rather have a fat girl who watches Disney, then one who talks about sex with her BF while I am trying to sleep…

Trust me you get bad nightmares after listening to that shit… I know I did…

Fine, I’ll make some crap up so this thread gets interesting.

  1. One time while I was feeding the homeless she took all the soup I made for them and ate it all. When I asked why, she said that they don’t have money so they shouldn’t get food.
  2. She is related to Hitler.
  3. She smells (Ok that is actually true, fat people do smell).
  4. The Great Schism? Her fault.
  5. She ate all my pop corn =(.

Yeah, Charl and 'sycho both called my girlfriend fat when they saw the picture of her. I however think she is close to perfect, so take that Hiryuu

You don;t think that your own girlfriend is PERFECT? You jerk.


dude pix plz?? i hop they r like eva pix. eva pix r hot.

Its somewhere in the old new picture posting thread, I fear what would happen if I posted it here

My god, she ate all your popcorn. She must come from the underworld! Spawn of Satan!
Send the Puritans on her.