My first virus.

After about 8 or 9 years of computer use I got my first virus. It isn’t too abd, just annoying. It is “WORM_BLAXE.A”. The bad thing is that it can’t be cleaned., so I may be reformatting pretty soon. This blows. I would rather have a trojan since at least I could see why someone would write it. This is just stupid and annoying. This is stupid and I know that no one knows that I have it and is getting a good laugh out of it. This blows.

First virus is like first school exam failure, first time you ask someone out and take a no in some humiliating way in public, first window you break while playing ball, first broken arm…

Er… Back to topic. Discover which file it infected, find out who gave you that file and then go for revenge!

I got the first virus on my computer from Danni Ashe.

If it’s a benign virus, why go through so much trouble to get rid of it? You’ll probably do periodic reformats anyway.

What are these “virus”-thingamajingies you speak of?

… Oh right, I have a vague memory of that being some Windows-thingie.

Seriously, viruses sucks, and the only reason they exist in the first place is because of a design flaw in Windows (that being everything is run with admin privileges). Antivirus software is a must for any security-aware Win user, and even that doesn’t protect you half the time.

'course, that’s just the paranoid security geek in me speaking… Carry on people, nothing to see here. =P

You can get Viruses on Linux, Wert :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently Wert’s version of linux was coded by God himself…

Psh. God uses DOS.

Ah, I remember my first virus. I got it from an e-mail chain letter spam thing. Give me a break, I was like 12 and knew nothing :hahaha; . My dad actually had to take it into a computer place to reformat it. I wish I knew how to do it back then it would have saved us $100. Well, at least it got upgraded from Windows 95 to Windows 98.

Kor: No, you can’t. There’s a reason there only has been 2 real Linux/UNIX viruses (And that includes FreeBSD, IRIX, HP-UX, AIX and all other UNIX-like platforms as well), and that is because a Linux virus cannot reproduce fast enough to spread itself. The two viruses are Bliss and Ramen.

At worst, you get a virus that eats up your files, burps and sits as a fat happy little file on your HD if it haven’t selfdestructed already. But then again, you get the same result if you happen to write rm -rf * in a console. If you’re a regular user, your system is still intact. Your computer is still usable. The virus itself is having real trouble sending itself forward, not to mention that all the binary program files are belong to root and can only be altered by - yep, you guessed it - root. So the only real problem would be if you execute an unknown binary as root. And if you do that you’re just stupid and deserve everything you get. =P

Of course, you can do this for Win machines, but due to some apparent security flaws (like the integration with the browser and the OS, or the fact that there is no distinction between root and regular user) and due to the fact that the files are not protected in the same way, it’s much more vulnerable. It’s great as long as you don’t go out on the Internet - That’s when the problems start. (It has gotten better with W2K, but it’s still fairly vulnerable from attacks, and since we’re talking client computers, W2K3 does not count).

Now, worms and trojans still exists for Linux. But those are not viruses (even though viruses can spread through worms), and due to the Linux/UNIX security model, again, the only thing that could possibly risk your security when it comes to viruses would be if you run as root 24/7. Not saying there aren’t other security problems, but regarding viruses there are none.

Sources and interesting links:

Linux virus HowTo
The Bliss virus, and why it’s not a threat
Linux targeted for viruses - Good reasoning, but if that was the case we would’ve seen much more Linux virii running rampant now. Fact is, we haven’t.

Originally posted by Cybercompost
God uses DoS.

Why, of course he does TD. However, Satan got way too much bandwidth for God to effectively make his Denial of Service attack work.:ah-ha!:

The only reason why Linux has so few viruses is because it has so few ignorant users who use it.

I don’t have much use for it, but I always have an Anti-Virus program installed. Right now Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition, it is nice. Keeps me safe.

I picture god as one of those guys who uses a commodore, just to harken back to the ‘good old days’.