my first time using photoshop

This is my fist time, and I only used the mouse (didn’t have any other tools).

Is there anyone who knows photoshop well, give me some advice, please.

  1. Keep every different thing in separate layers and use layer styles (Right Click -> Blending Options)

  2. You can use the Filters in the filter menu to create some different effects.

And you just fuck around with those two until you learn how to use them properly.

awwww shit, I suck

Media forum?

And that is VERY nice, and about the mouse thing, there isn’t much else that you really need to work with in Photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you, Sun

It took me hours moving and clicking the mouse…Ah, my hand hurts.:thud:
I almost collapse.

That lighting effect is retarded. It’d look better if you didnt use it.

aww, that’s really cute, Sun! :slight_smile:
What version of Photoshop didja get? Have you played with the layer properties yet? (You’d be amazed by what you can do with the layers and different layer properties.)

It’s when I almost finish it that I find these useful tools.
I’ll try to use more next time.:yipee:

That fucking rocks Sun. Nice job.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
That lighting effect is retarded. It’d look better if you didnt use it.

I used lighting effect because… because I hadn’t find an appropriate color for the shoes, so… so I just leave them in the shadow.

Damn that’s nice, my doodles really don’t compare to that, but I can give you some advice.

  1. Try to keep different elements on different layers, it makes it much easier to blend elements later with realistic looking textures.

  2. Try using the layer blending effects you can get some very nice effects from just the blending without having to worry about the colors yourself.

This is a copy of a menu I’m working on for a client, I put it online to benchmark performance and such click here. I’m just putting it up to give you an idea of what you can get with the layer effects in photo shop, the entire menu is composed of only 13 colors, and that includes the text colors, the background and the animation effects.

Play around with the layer effeects, you might get a very nice effect from something you never imagined and don’t rely on the names, try all the effects and find a few you like then try all the blending options for it, you can also work with the opacity and the size of the patern.

  1. If you’ve kept each element on a different layer don’t be affraid to simply erace a layer you’re not happy with and try again.

  2. When doing items that are both in front and behind a body, such as hair and jackets try using 2 layers, one in back and one in front; that way you can apply shading to the body itself and say have the head cast a shadow on the hair in the back of the head, but also have the hair cast a shadow on the head.

That’s really nice Sun, good work! :cool:

Cute! :slight_smile:

I have no clue about Photoshop. I don’t cg things, or make cgis: Mostly because the few times I’ve tried, they didn’t even resemble anything.

I can give criticism and comments, though. Proportions are a bit off, and the eyes aren’t entierly symmetrical. Considering the medium you used, though, the result is remarkable. I hope you make more, and that you next time, don’t complete it at once and ruin your hand.