My first thread

Hello all, this is my first thread, it seemed pretty cool here so i decided to join.

Welcome, hope you have a good time here. Nice pic.

Hellsing rocks, especially walter, lol.


Hi. This pertains to anime how…?

it doesn’t, but you don’t know that, so it doesn’t matter to you. enjoy your stay outlaw.

Plus he is new, cut him some slack, i bet you werent on the ball when you started. Plus two, his pic is a cosplay of hellsing, hellsing= anime…seems alright with me.

Apparently it’s both a welcoming and a comment on that cosplay thing. Have fun while you’re here, and cool piccie.

I posted that before he got the link to work. I thought he was just saying hi, and that was it.

Besides, the board names are pretty clear cut, so it’s not very hard to see what thread would go where.

bah. it’s not like it’s a big deal if it’s here or there, let’s all just drop it.

drops it

He did have the link working because i saw it seconds after he joined(he is a freind, that i actually know, like bullet) but since it was dropped, no big deal drops too.

drops subject as well

drop party!


drops acid


drops penny in acid and watches it melt away into nothing

SWEET! drop parties are great!