MY FIRST FIC (Yeah i know, another moron with his fanfic....)


E-Mailing didnt work… so I decided to post it on the message board …ah what the heck…

oh well this fic is basically a next generation crossover of ff8/ff7…
well please give it a try and review…

Can somebody please consider this fic worthy of being added to the fic section at

oh well heres the summary;

Sifan Leonhart is thrown into a world where the evil destroyed by the deceased Cloud Strife is on the verge of resurgence. As he realizes the purpose of his existence in his new world, he finds himself slowly falling in love with Cloud’s daughter…R&R

and heres the link;

well thats it for now,


no nice quotes for now…i ll find something later…:slight_smile:

Yer no moron for posting a fanfic, the only reason one will be seen as a moron 'round these parts would be if you’d start yelling about constructive critisism being flames and such :slight_smile: Welcome to the boards.
I scanned the first chapter and it looks alright so far, but I’ll leave more comments after I’ve gotten my tired eyes back into my skull :stuck_out_tongue:

hey wow… thanks weilla …er…(did i spell ur name right?)

ok thanks …i ll be waiting…jus dont give up on it…



Nah, don’t worry, I won’t give up on it, I’ve just been playing a little too much Dark Chronicle today methinks. My eyes feel like they’re melting ^^;;
I’ll get back to ya :slight_smile:

Not to bad, like Weiila, I’ve only read the first chapter, I’ll read more of it, when I have the time. Since that is a long fic.

PS: You did spell Weiila’s name wrong, it is double ‘i’, not double ‘l’. But every newbie (and even some vets), makes that mistake.

Yeah, many oldies too, so don’t sweat it. It’s kinda fun to see what people make of it really chuckles The weirdest version so far was Wielila.

oh by the way,…the fics not complete yet :frowning: AH WAHT THE HECK READ ANYWAY…

AND NOW…the weilla spelling thing…

ok 1 2 3…GO!!!







IT’S NOT FINISHED!?!?! You got to be kidding me, there is already 41 chapters! How many more are there to go, roughly?


AHEm…my fic has…er…

100 chapterS!

runs for cover

speaks with whimpering voice from inside a cupboard

i jus wanna make it really long like a real FF…but then each chapter is jus 2000 words and odd AND i update pretty fast (like once in 3 days)

but plEASE READ! you wont be disappointed!!

comes out of cupboard

heh heh hes gone…

I don’t think anyone will be mad at you because it’s so long. It will definitly take some time to get through it though. You must have spent a lot of time on that, and with that kind of dedication, you must have some sort of writing skill (or be nearly braindead to write repetitive garbage, but that’s unlikely). I think I’ll have to read it, even if I don’t like FFVIII.

thanks for the vote of faith demigod

I am sure u wont be disappointed


please pst yur thoughts once u read it…

strangely everyones too busy to read…


oh well

Excellant. I so do enjoy crossovers, thank’ee.

Originally posted by yoshmeister
Excellant. I so do enjoy crossovers, thank’ee.

Did you finish reading all the 41 chapters of my fic?

or are you going to start reading it?

Look, I don’t want to be a nagging cow, but as seen in your fic you can use proper English and also using that on the message board will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

In other words, you meant, “Don’t be a lazy bozo and type in the FULL FORM OF every word and dont HESITATE to use a key called ‘backspace’ on your keyboard…”

Ok m’am… understood…

My tongue shall speaketh the king’s english from this day forth…



see ya

Buddy, you better listen to Weiila, she’s the boss around here, and what she says goes. So play nice, or else!

hey…was i being mean?

ok…if I DID sound mean…I am sorry

has anyone read my fic, by the way?

oh my GOD!

I DID SOUND like a mean and sarcastic bastard!

I am sorrrrrrryyyy!!!

WAAAH dont hate me…!

I am not an RPGDude…

(heh heh… The RPGdude and his feud and his rude kinda amused me…heh heh…)

What or Who are the PPC?

someone enlighten this poor soul…

Buddy, quick tip. Don’t double post, or in this case TRIPLE post! If you have something more to say, click the ‘edit’ button, and add it on at the end, of your last post.

Weiila doesn’t usually mind on here, but others will mind, if you do it else where.

And what’s this PPC, where did you get that from?