My first fanfic

I’m getting kind of sick of all the get-into-the-profound-minds-of-the-protagonists style fics, so I decided to write an action fic for you all. It’s not long, because I only just started, and it’s not a serious fic, but here you go:

Chapter One: The Man with the HUGE Sword

Pierson was walking down the dusty, well-travelled path with his childhood companion Hades when he was jumped by bandits!

“Ahoy!” said bandit number one.

“We’re here to pirate your money with our swords!” bandit number two waved his cutlass menacingly at the two young warriors.

“You call that a sword!?” Pierson bellowed with the voice of God. “THIS is a sword!”

Pierson took the eighteen foot blade off his back and twirled it around impressively!

“You trying to compensate for something!?” asked bandit number one bitterly. “A HUGE sword doesn’t mean you can fight well!” The bandit charged Pierson’s companion, Hades, who took out a chinese war fan and bopped him over the head.

Bandit number two was enraged at his friend’s humiliation, and ran at Pierson with his cutlass. Pierson dodged swiftly and clotheslined him with the edge of his sword. Pierson then took out a black permanent marker and drew a beard, mustache, and silly looking eyebrows on the unconscious man’s face.

“Well so much for them!” Hades mocked.

The two companions continued their innocent journey, unaware of the peril ahead.


…did you mean to write that with a sense of irony? As in some man on man lovin’? Because Hades and Pierson…lifelong friends…the huge sword…the whole competition about the huge sword…swinging it around. Come on man, you so aren;t serious. But it paints a pretty picture for me.

It seems to have this…earthbound quality.

Pierson took the eighteen foot blade off his back and twirled it around impressively!

Hades guts went up by 5!

That is my favorite line, by the way. I think it’s giggle worthy. Things that aren’t to be taken seriously are my thing. Keep it short and sweet. I’m sure the minor detail was on purpose.

“Hades looked into Pierson’s eyes and gingerly touched his soft porcelain face. ‘Your sword is the one for me’ he whispered delicately.”

Heh Eva…my thoguhts exactly.

Dragon_Tear> lol
Dragon_Tear> it’s a mix between earthbound, oregon trail and whose line is it anyway Dragon_Tear> <3

That HadesxPierson sentence is MINE. I made it. And why am I thinking it would be funny to write a whole fic like that? whistles innocently

Write the rest! I wanna know what happens next! And and and what kind of sword is it? I mean is it a katana or a bastard sword or what? :smiley:

Rocking! I like it already ^_~


Wow. A miracle just occured. Hades posted a Fanfic. All we need now is X saying something nice to me and we’re all set.

Can I be in this too? :slight_smile:

Man, if I wanted people begging to be in it, I would’ve made a sign-up thread, and then it’d just die off after 2 chapters and goto the world of your’s and Nagumo’s failed fics >>;;

I don’t think I’ll continue this one anyway, but I already stated that I wasn’t serious about it. I may write a serious fic later though. And by later, I mean soon if I can think of some interesting twists intead of just writing another retarded conspiracy or angst fic.

(Yes folks they’re Retarded with a capital R. Stop writing them, PLEASE ;_; They cut me)

Hadey, put me in it :smiley:

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Woman

Pierson and his companion, Hades, had finally made it to the city of Blumeberg. It was night time and they were looking for some boxes in an alley to sleep in, when a really hot woman in a fur coat beckoned them over.

Pierson and Hades pranced over to the woman, “Can we help you with anything?”

“I’ll let you take advantage of my sexy body for 400 bhat,” she winked.

“Pierson, I’m 230 bhat short. Wanna split the cost?” Hades inquired.

“Okay,” Pierson checked his wallet but found nothing. “Do you take interac, Miss?”

But just then a tall, thick man with a five tonne hammer walked out of an alley, “Hey, are you trying to take advantage of my woman!?” he called out accusingly.

“Of course we are!” Hades replied, “just look at her!”

“That’s it! You guys are finished, in the name of kanazuchi!” he charged them with enormous speed despite the weight of his hammer, and buried it into the ground, causing tremors that stunned Pierson. He used this opportunity to bash Hades in the chest with his enormous strength.

“Uh oh Hades, I think we’ve bit off more than we can chew this time!”

But then the totally hot woman leapt onto the wall, took her fur coat off and threw it over the man’s eyes, blinding him! She then ripped off her dress, revealing a Katana and dozens of throwing stars. “I’ve got you now, kanazuchi!”

“Whoa! She’s a guy!” Hades couldn’t belive his eyes.

“I am the under cover ninja, Dai Ryuujin!” he said as he hurled some throwing stars at the man’s head.

The stars flew swiftly past his head, and seconds later his hair fell to the ground, along with the hammer.

“No! How did you know the source of my power!?” he was furious that he could no longer lift his prized weapon because he had no hair.

“I am part of the shinobi clan that has been hunting evil men like you for ages! I learn a few secrets here and there!” Dai said in a cocky tone.

And with the evil dispelled, the heroes continued on their journey with their newest companion: the ninja, Dai Ryuujin.

Needs more lasers and samuari. And laser-samurai.

This rocks, keep it up.


This is pretty good. Keep it up. :cool:

Chapter 3: Kung Fu Hermit

Pierson, Hades, and Dai forgot why they wanted to travel to Blumeberg, so they decided to leave and go north, seeking out new adventures.

There was nothing but farmland for miles, and Hades was tired of walking. “Hey guys, I’m gonna rest for a bit. You go on without me. I’ll catch up.”

So Hades was sitting on the road, when a really hot girl peeked out from behind one of the corn fields. “Hey, can you come here for a second? I need some help!”

Hades, excited to help out this totally hot girl, walked over and disappeared behind rows of corn. When they were deep into the field, out of sight of any passerby, the girl stopped.

She turned around, “Please, make love to me!”


“Because I need a break from my grandfather’s strict rules! He puts me through torture and I need to get away from it for a bit, and maybe have a hot, sweaty lovemaking session too.”


So five minutes of intense copulation later, sure enough, her grandfather catches Hades taking advantage of her offer.

“You!? What are you doing to her!?”

“Uh, nothing Sir! I’m sorry!” Hades pulled his pants up.

“This is an outrage!” the furious old man boiled. “I challenge you to a duel for my grand-daughter’s honor!”

“And just what do you think you can do to me, old-” but before Hades could finish his sentence, the old man was behind him, sweep-kicking his legs from under him. Hades collapsed to the ground. “Wow, you must teach me this fighting style!”

“And just what makes you think you are worthy!? Oh never mind, I’m bored. Let’s go!”

So the three walked to the old man’s makeshift Dojo, and two weeks later…

“I have Finally mastered some of your techniques!” Hades was content. “But I must catch up with my friends now. I told them I’d be right back over two weeks ago.”

“Alright. you are a worthy student!” the Kung Fu hermit said.

But just then there was a thundering roar from outside.

“Uh oh, he’s back!” the hot girl was shocked.

“Who’s back?” Hades was confused. They ran outside and saw a giant demon terrorizing the country side. He was burning fields with his fire breath and biting livestock into the next world with his massive fangs! “Oh, HE’S the one who’s back!”

“Shut up! You’ve never seen him before in your life!” the hermit was annoyed. “Quick, if we all team up we can beat him with our Kung Fu!”

So Hades and the old man started throwing rocks at the demon. “This isn’t working!” Hades was worried.

But just then, the hermit’s grand-daughter pulled out a pole with a chain on the end. On the end of the chain was a chinese long sword.

“Whoa! That’s the most badass weapon I’ve EVER seen!” Hades was ecstatic.

The girl ran toward the demon swinging the chain-sword-on-a-pole furiously. She parried his claws and dodged his teeth and cut the demon’s throat. After an absurdly long death scene which involved blood spraying out of the demon’s neck violently, peace was restored to the country side.

“Well, looks like I’ll be on my way!” Hades stated ominously. “By the way, what’s your name, miss?”

“Evangelion, and I’m coming with you!” she said.

“Okay.” Hades wasn’t complaining.

A few days later they caught up with Pierson and Dai.

“Where have you been?” Dai wondered.

“An old hermit taught me some Kung Fu and gave me his grand-daughter, Evangelion.” Hades englightened them.

“Cool.” Pierson said and the four of them pondered their next adventure.


You like the word copulation, dont you?! I already asked you that didnt I?!

That was totally giggle worthy. You made me such a slut. Im so not like that at all. Anyways, I’m honoured to be joining your man-love unit. Keep at it!

Great hadey, keep it up :smiley:

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Good chapter, jolly good chapter. :cool: