My Final fantasy challange

Well I’ve decided to try and get through all of my FF games and finish all sidequests and the like. I thought about trying to get all my characters to their max level but I decided against it. I also decided against trying to collect everysingle item in the entire game. I’m just going to collect the rare items, ultimate weapons, and all of that good shit. The games I have to play through are:

-Final Fantasy Origins
-Final Fantasy Chronicles(already compleated CT compleatly)
-Final Fantasy Anthology
-Final Fantasy VII
-Final Fantasy VIII
-Final Fantasy IX
-Final Fantasy X
-Final fantasy X-2

I heard it’s impossible in one go for FF9 Exallaber 2 Will disapear by 12:00 an it’s on Disk 4 only.

Big Nutter
Question: US or International FFX?

In FF9 if you don’t get to the area with Ecalibur II within 12 hours it will disappear, BUT I’m pretty sure that if you play for over 99:99 the clock resets itself and you can go get the ExcaliburII.

Yeah I already thought about that. If the clock reseting doesn’t work then I’ll just play the game again (not right away) on a speed runthough.

It doesn’t work, sorry. Already been disproven on gamefaqs.


Man, you must be bored.

In the famous words of Chrono Trigger’s secret ending, “Now get a life!”.

I don’t know, but if that’s what Seph47 likes to do, and if he has time to, I wouldn’t call it having no life. :stuck_out_tongue: I had quite a lot of fun to get all my characters at lvl 99 in FFIV and VI years ago. I can’t stand to do that anymore, though.

Yeah well I kinda don’t have a life. I’ve got spare time and I didn’t say that I was going to do it all at once. It will probably take me a while.

Good luck man. I would do the same thing but I don’t think I could. My mom’s got me on only 2 hours of “electronic privilages” a day :bowser: , and by the time I get half way through a game, FF12 will come out and I’ll start that one. Maybe when I move out I’ll try going through every game again.

And I could break her rules but she always seems to know. Plus my aunt is here all day and she knows… so I’m stuck.

I’m trying to do that with Kingdom Hearts.

I don’t think I could do that, I only have ff7,8 and 9 plus I already beat them all and prolly won’t go through them again until I’m really bored. But if you want an easier challage try to beat FF7 without using any materia

I got quite close, and it’s Quite Easy on Normal.

Big Nutter
Let me Beat those FF Final Bosses first


how is this a challenge?

A challenge for himself, not us, I would assume.

Gosh. How long are you able to sit with it? I get stuck all the time without walkthrough (sometimes when I’m actually using walkthroughs too!). Good luck anyway