My FFXI progress screeches to a halt..

… before i even get the game installed. The viewer loads up fine. It wont read the first CD… thayt sucks, so i take it back and exchange it for another. Once gain, the view loads up fine. It installs the first disk. now it wont read the 2nd disk. WTF is up with that ? It reads the 3rd and 4th disks fine. GRR this is so frustrating. I am taking it back and exchanging it for yet another copy tonight. Soon… soon i shall join your ranks…

Yeah, somethin’ funky’s going on with the FFXI discs. Everyone I know near me who has the game has at least one messed up disc.

I had that happen once, but with a different game, turned out to be a bad batch of cds that got shipped out to a certain store.

Try to get ure money refunded and then go get it at a diferent store.

I want to make a remark like, “That’ll teach you to play MMORPGs”, but I won’t. Wait, I just did. Oh well.

Anyway, I’d definitely try to get your money back and then go somewhere else and see if can get it cheaper. My friend does that all the time. Buy a game, wait a couple of days, take it back, and get it cheaper somewhere else, I mean.

They rushed the printing. Contact SquareEnix to obtain a replacement.

Okay, thanks. Fucking Wal-Mart wouldnt even let me exhcange it… I don’t think i wanna shop there anymore. My friends who work there dont work there anymore, so i really don’t have a reason to… Anywho, i am gonna use the Warrenty. That’s what it;s there for, right ? I am glad to hear it isnt just me, and that my new computer isnt messed up. i was like “I spent an 40 extra bucks on a GeForce 4, and my 50 dollar game wont even work !! Thats like… 1… 2… a lot of dollars !”

Yeah, I woudn’t buy my games from a Walmart, their return policiies suck. You may pay a little more but I’d rather go to a “video game store” like EB or Gamestop.

This kind of happened to me, all of my discs work fine its just my code doesnt work. I downloaded it before and it worked fine. But didnt have the right graphic card so I uninstalled it and canceled my account. I get my new graphics card and install it. It asks for my regristration code and it wont accept it. I dont know what to do.

The Play Online code only works once.
Try and login with the username and password you had. Unless more than three months has passed since you cancelled it you should be allowed to reactivate it.

I can’t use the warrenty and get Square to replace my messed up CD’s… Gotta have a receipt, which i dont have. I did manage to get it exchanged at Wal-mart (i used my manly charm), but that CD is messed up too. What are the odds of getting 3 messed up copies ? Next chance i get, it might be 4… i doubt they’ll give me any form of receipt though… but we’ll never know untill we try, and those who never try will never know.

(Don’t ask about the FF8 references… i dont wanna talk about it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I heard xi had some troubles (as in, most of my friends had one or more discs that sucked), but I seem to be the only one who has all of them working.

Don’t tell me if you cancel your account, that after three months you have to buy a new game? That is BS! You should only have to renew content ID for the game.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even worth it.:fungah: