My ffxi guild site

Hey…been awhile!

Put up a site for my ffxi guild:

I’m a lv 26 thief, 10 war, and absolutely loving the game! Just finished a bunch of missions, and am finally rank 3. The site includes a few screen shots of our guild (linkshell) get togethers, forum, etc.

FFXI is just an incredible game, although it’s a time sponge!

Well, I’m gonna go do some fishing, and hope I don’t catch some enemies that will kill me…anyhow, catch ya later!


Nice page.

I’ve been planning to buy the import version of Final Fantasy XI, I have to get around to it now that the holidays are approaching.

Hey Locke as soon as I get my game up and running do you think I could join your guild? By the way does anyone know how you find out if your comp can handle the game?

Is it ok if I join once i get it?

Thanks Nulani…I finally got around to giving phpnuke a shot! Very nice tool, easy to set up and configure, but its web-based administration tools don’t give you as much freedom as I imagined. Not that I’m complaining - the price was right!

I’ll probably end up writing my own guild member list tool, should be interesting to deal with permissions so people can update their own listing. I suppose I could just customize the user’s forum profile, and then extract the data to the member page…not sure how I will approach it.

Hope to see you on the Titan server when you come on board!

If anyone wants in - absolutely, especially if you’re from CRPG! I was hoping to join a CRPG linkshell with you guys, but it didn’t seem to happen. You can get in touch with me through my site, the game (tell to LockeJV if you’re already playing and on the Titan server), or send an email to LockeJVLS(at) You’ll need to contact me in advance of your registration so I can get a worldpass registration number for you. You use this when you sign up, so you can get on the Titan server.

To check if your PC can handle XI (yeah, it’s a hog), just download and run the benchmark from Square-Enix’s Playonline site. You can find it here: