My favorite OC remixes.

I love OC Remixes. I just friggin love them. Takes a song from my gaming past, or present, and they make them wonders. Some of them are just too nice to not share.

Castlevania - Circle of the Moon
Recently bought the game, this one have some of the nicest music I heard. And I was just too happy when I found this remix for it.

This remix closely follows the original song, but they changed the instruments, to be rock. Drums, guitar and bass are all there. Some passage makes me remember Sonic Adventure 2…

Megaman X
One song I’ll never forget was the one on MMX’s intro stage. It was just that captivating. Pleease give me a song with it… I found it. I made a thread about that one like 6 months ago, or so.

Doom II
Can you forget your classics? Your first games? No you can’t! Doom is no exeption. I found some nice OC Remix that includes well the olskool Doom Feeling:

Secret of Mana
What? You’ll think I wouldn’t post a OC remix from Secret of Mana? Dream on! I won’t pass this opportunity, to share you the remix that took my heart. I love smooth songs. Take a look:

Whoa, whoa, hold on. Too many OC Remix I love in there. I can’t choose… or can’t I? This one. I listen to it the most, from all the Xenogears OC remixes.

Super Metroid
I’m an hardcore Metroid Fan. That is well know. I hope. I bet.
I shall share with you, four littles metroids.

This one was able to kept the Metroid Feeling, and it have a nice sound.

Zelda : A link to the past
The song I’ll share is rather smooth, well made, fluid. They remixed the credits song. I love it.

Edit : I forgot 2 songs. They where in Mortis’s flashs
Final Fantasy 6

La Locura Del Kefka. Its just that nice.

Mario Brothers
The flash movie that was made with takes your sanity away. The song too.

Go see the flash at