My favorit animy is .hack

:wave: is there any one else hear that also does :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s horrible.

The whole story is this. Tsubasa: Who am I? I can’t log out! Am I a guy or girl?
Random Old Man: Keeey of zee twilighto.
Tsubasa: I am a girl!

your one person
and u cant even spel it right :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved it. Still have to watch the last episode, though.

It was refreshing to see a dialogue-run series.

And the music…the wonderful music.

tks :slight_smile:

No I’ve never seen/played it.

oh the irony.

Anyways I never got the fuss. Maybe I should watch it >>

Eva, not unless you can stand reams of not much happening at all followed by long periods of exposition and the aforementioned Key of the Twilight. I hated it. I like anime with plot, but not when said plot takes over nearly every single scene.

The soundtrack rocks though. ^^


yeah I heard a)it rocked b)it was terribly boring. I’m inclined to think the latter.

Yep. it’s b.

“Hello Kitty Learns to Spell”.

Actually, it’s Boogiepop Phantom. .hack//sign was okay but became too repetitive.

I liked the game (it’s one game split in to four seperate dvds, regardless of what anyone else says) I’d watch the series, but I want to find it subbed.

ya at least they made a better show for it the magna after the game.

.hack//dusk or .hack//legend of the twighlight braclet

:yipee: p:unch::

I played the first 2 disks, but can’t find a rental place nor a friend with the other 2. starts to drag near the end of mutation, but I still wanna finish it.

ya same im on the 4 and cant get anogh cores :stuck_out_tongue:

The games were pretty good, but the .hack//SIGN anime had way too much talking. I want to see some MMORPG action :stuck_out_tongue:

I had started watching it on cn, but because not only were the episodes slow moving, only one played per week. My attention just doesn’t last that long. It’s barely holding out right now for Wolf’s rain.

Understandable for wolfs rain, i been trying to figure out whats going on but theres nothing happening. They are just always running; oh no! are they going to get caught and killed?

Wasn’t hack on cartoon network for a time? Wonder how brief it was on, I never saw it :confused: starts cursing cartoon network for a variety of reasons

They had some and what they had was real good. I also agree about the music, its awesome. It also has bt one of the coolest female characters I’ve seen.