My Fanart

These are my best anime fanart, but they’re not that good . . .

. . . That’s about it . . . i think . . .

. . . Feedback would be nice . . .


EDIT :: fixed links

Not that good? I couldn’t draw that well if my life depended on it! These are amazing!

Wow…if THIS is “not that good”, I’d like to see what you can do on a good day!

I like the FFX ones.


Incredible. Humility is a good thing, Selenium, but you don’t need to be that modest. Heck, I don’t think there are many of us who are in a position to give you constructive criticism, on account of being wowed by your talent. To me, this stuff looks professional quality.

Whoa. Are you SURE you’re twelve?? I think you’re a pro and you’re just making fun of us! :eek:

In any case, congratulations on your skill and thanks for having shared your work with us. Keep it going, and show us more!

(Btw, I couldn’t see pictures 13 and 14. Some problem with the links.)

7 and 11 are the only really one’s I see that need any work. You are really good. I’m almost 16 and barely at your level…except that I’m colorblind and can’t color am sad

nods Very nice…have you had any formal training?

I’d say the only thing wrong is you’re too modest for your own good.

<a href = “”>Look! A thread specifically for fanart and people don’t use it!</a>

Nice pictures though. You’ve got the artists’ styles down, and I mean <i>pat</i>. #10 and #9 are worse than the others for reasons I think you can figure out, probably because they didn’t go through the Photoshop machine (as much) :stuck_out_tongue:

Good, like really good. How long did it take you to learn how to draw that good? I gave up on art, but this is most definitely your thing.

It’s the hook up.

Do you have a gallery site? With dA or Elfwood?

Thanks, everyone. I didn’t think I was that good. I’m sure I’m twelve. I’ve been drawing since I was three, when I first learned to copy off my sister, but now I do my own thing and she writes. She’s still a better artist though. And I fixed the broken links ( # 13 + 14). I’ve never had any training, I just draw to express my emotions (usually). Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a thread for posting pictures. No gallery, just this .

Wow. I gotta say those are really awesome. You have a great future as an artist ahead of you. Keep it up and you could make it really big.

I’m going to go sulk now.
(In other words, pretty.)

Do you have a bigger version of that FFX picture that shows the entire staff? And if so, will you give me permission to add it and that Yuna picture to RPGC’s Fanart section? Those pictures are so awesome, that it’d be… awesome if you’d let us add them.

Speaking of which I should also talk to Walhalla about making the Fanart Section include anime fanart. I mean, it couldn’t hurt, right?

But most importantly will you submit those pictures? Pretty Please? ^^;

Those are amazing. The one of the whole Inuyasha crew looks like it needs work though. Kikyo looks screwy and Sango’s eyes are off. The rest of it is great.

Your good. Keep up the good work and check out the Fan Art on the site.

That would be awesome as alot of my art is anime or manga or dragons, so not very much is on the site.

I just have one question. When did you start drawing? The skill of art is developed over time and with much dedication. If this truly is your work and you’ve developed your skill THIS much at your age then I’m certainly impressed. I’d like to see some of your life study art if you’ve done any. The pictures above show an underlying understanding of the human form that is most easily developed through life drawing. I’d be excited to see your gesture study artwork if you have any.