My faith in humankind has dropped quite a bit...

Okay, it’s a strange story and all, but something happened today. When I got home, my brother looked a little sore and tired, and I kinda took it as a “hard day” kind of thing.

Turns out (and this is the sick part) that some asshole hit him with his car driving at 40MPH, and literally flipped him over the windshield. And then, the asshole got out of his car, checked to see if his fucking car was okay and drove off. This makes me fucking sick, especially since we can’t catch the guy.

Fuckin a Were there any witnesses, did your bro go to the hosiptal, did he call the fuckin cops?! That asshole (the driver) needs to be fuckin put DOWN! …jerk.

That’s pretty shitty man.

Yes, we called the cops and filed a report, but there were no witnesses, and my brother didn’t see the plate number. We actually think the car might be stolen or something.

However, my mom has contacts at a body shop, and the guy dented his front, so if they get anyone with a dented front end in the next few days, we’ve got the guy’s license.

Your fucking lucky your brother was alright, I’ve seen kids get brain damage from less then that.

My freind watched his chicken get hit, then they drove away without stopping.

Your Brother is lucky that he survived. I would have hoped someone caught the guy who did that.

40, damn. I got the wind knocked out of me by a minivan going 15, but how was he able to get home ok? If he doesn’t have any broken bones or anything he’s pretty lucky (for someone who’s been hit by a car). That driver was an asshole, I hope somebody catches that guy.

Last year my friend’s sister (A 7-year-old) was hit by some woman with her car. He was with her and saw everything, he yelled at the woman like crazy, later that day she was translated to a hospital and live just tree days. It was sad…

Yeah…well at least my car wasn’t scratched too bad.

Okay, I’ll admit that was uncalled for, even for me. I do sympathize, as I was hit by a car once also. Thankfully the person was kind enough to check if I was alright…she even bought me new glasses. If you believe in karma, maybe you can take some solace in the future ass-rapings that will happen to said person.

Something like that happened to my cousin Alfio (15 years old then) a few years back. Someone ran over him with a van and just drove away. His left leg was broken for four months and he had to stay on the hospital for three weeks.

Some people are just repulsive.

I thought it was impossible for that to drop any lower, I guess I was wrong.

Let us hope his lisence gets pulled, and fed to a couple of rabid dogs. Along with himself.

Just a couple of months ago, this little kid on a bike road straight into the road, and into the side of my dad’s car. If it was not for my dad’s quick reflexes, he may have gone into the front of the car instead of the side. The kid was pretty shook up but not badly hurt (no blood, or any “showing” broken bones), but we stayed with him and his mum (who was acroos the road, where he was heading) until an ambulance took them away.

So remember not everyone is a fucking moron! But there are a lot out there. And I feel sorry for your brother Dalton, and I hope you catch this moron quickly.

That’s nothing. Any of you know of the woman who ran over her husband three times? I pass that hotel every day going to school.

Was it hit and run? Lots of crazy ass bitches run over their husbands.

As for the topic at hand, it isn’t really surprising to me, I was just shocked at the well being of your brother…poor kid. Assholes today I tell ya, grr…

I’ve looked around the block for the guy, because it was near our house and all, and we know the car model. It’s a Cavalier, so I’m gonna search around a little more and look for a white one (that’s what hit him).

People can be horrible, but I hope those people get their just deserves. Like a make them feel what it is like to be hit with a car.

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That’s nothing. Any of you know of the woman who ran over her husband three times? I pass that hotel every day going to school.

Was she the one who did it because she suspected her husband was cheating? Good thing shes in Jail.