My DQ8 demo came in today. Strange thing, I got 4 copies.

I got 4 DQ8 demo discs today, and no keychains. I signed up for it twice, one for myself, and one reffering myself, so I get 2 or 1 keychains.

I got the discs within 2 weeks, which is suprising. When will I get the keychains?

Way to cheat the system.

You’ll get the keychain in exactly one week.

k tnx

How do you get the keychain again? I got the demo last week…which I can’t play yet, since the PS2 is dead at the moment.

You should’ve just taken more money from your mom’s purse to buy some keychains.

I haven’t gotten my keychain or demo yet and I only signed up a week later than you, Setz.

You live in Toronto, right? Want one of my discs?

Sure. Thanks, Setz.

Do the keychains come in some kind of box or someshit? What is the maximum keychains I can get in one box/crate/holding device?

They come in a large mesh bag, and they hold 2 and a half since the keychains are in parts.

BMO is not good at lying.

Who would know when your keychains come, or how many come in a box anyway?
Besides, you believed my first lie at the top of the thread.

I looked it up on eBay, and it comes in some kind of chest, and can range from 1-medium sized, 2 small, to 1 giant.

The keychains are shipped out randomly. They comein a little treasure chest with japanese written all over it. You get 1 or 2 keychains in that box depending on which slimes there are. little ones like healslime and regular come 2 to a box (different ones of course) and ones like gold slimes come single. Does that answer your questions?

On eBay I saw chests with 3 in them.

That is only one keychain with 3 slimes attached to it.

It looks like this

Let me rephrase my question.

How many slimes can I get in one box?

3, but they’re all on the same keychain. You can however get 2 keychains, but it will only be 2 monsters.

Edit: you may not actually get a keychain because squenix is only sending out one more round.

Do slimes come in singles per keychain? Can I remove slimes from the actual chain?