My Diet Plan:

I have come here to tell you of my BRILLIANT NEW DIET PLAN that could get YOU- yes YOU to lose weight in a matter of weeks! And the best part is- you can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT! YES! THAT’S RIGHT! ANYTHING AT ALL- AND YOU’LL STILL LOSE WEIGHT!

How? The process is quite simple, although it will take you fifty books, three seminars, and two aromatheric compact disks to do… but it’s SO EASY!

You can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT- yes ANYTHING- as long as you have five carrots a day. Here are some testimonials:

Yes! I was on the Roundtreh Diet for 5 days and in those 5 days, I lost my dog!

I ate your dog.

Hehe. Cracks me up every time.

I can’t feel my legs :smiley:

I tryed it once and My posts don’t make sence.

Big Nutter

This is one of the rare times Ive actually LOL-ed. Thats a hilarious picture.

I’ve been on the Rountreh Diet for only a week now, and I’ve lost over 300 pounds! That’s right, I used to weigh a big fat ol’ 115, but since I started eating whatever I wanted and only five carrots a day, I now weight a much slimmer -185! It is so much easier to fit into the [STRIKE]skanky[/STRIKE] skimpy clothes I love now! Thank you, Rountreh Diet!

That’s right! And for only NINETY NINE NINETY NINE NINETY NINE- YOU can access our SECRET RECIPIES! Such as:

  • Raw carrot on a stick
  • Carrot with carrot sauce
  • Buttered carrot
  • Carrot cake

The possibilities are endless! Join now and you get FREE: the CARROT SLICER! Guaranteed to slice carrots in hours!

Funny, yet disturbing. That oddly enough, looks nothing like my dog

You really like that picture.

I was on the cybercompost diet for one week, i didn’t loose any weight, then he cut off my arm and i lost 15 pounds!

My diet plan consisted of heavy heroin usage. After I overcame my addiction, moved me to the zombie diet. That is parts of my flesh were consumed by zombies. This is a picture of the zombie he used to get rid of all that unessecary flesh.

I recomend the treatment. Remember to take your vitamin supplements as well, or you will become one of the walking dead! :cool:

I was on the Rountree diet once, but I had to stop because I figured I was going too far when I found myself waking up in empty carrot farm fields each morning for a continous 5 weeks straight. Yeah, that’s right kids, the Rountree diet can lead to morbid carrot consumption, turning the average fatman into a carrot devouring rabbit monster.

Friends don’t let friends start the Rountree diet… Start the Gila diet instead, which consists of yams. Yams produce active enzymes in your body that use small microscopic pickaxes to pick at your body fat and mine it for minerals, which will be sent to the overlords…errr, I mean, yep.

can ranch dressing come with the carrots? goes on strike if she cant

I have to show this to my boyfriend. Hopefully it’ll cure him of his omg hot asian chick! disease.

I’m thinking of going on Amerycinsycho old diet plan this summer. It consistes of consuming nothing but cigarettes, dill pickle chips, and various american beer for 3 months. This way you loose your apitie for everything and either loose a lot of weight due to scurvy and gutrot.

Edit: I deleted the image because it was far too big…

Well people do say that when you light up a cig. Your hunger seems to die down for some reason.

News flash:

Dont care about your life? Do you hate eating? Pick up cigarette smoking, you will cut your hunger in half!
Feeling hungry grab a cigarette

i only go on diets that suport big tobacco, since big tobacco is awesome

I’m sorry;_;