My demands

That everything everyone says, has a footnote. That will explain what you just said. Do it, for one month, and I will release the hostages.

oh and also, I want some free stuff.

You kidnapped my Fluffy!!

hands him a free cookie

I demand that you stop being such a jackass :mwahaha:

I also demand a half pack of smokes, a ball of twine, and a six pack of Jolly good Orange Soda.

I refuse to capitulate to your demands. I will not negotiate with terrorists.

I demand that my full name may or may not be Yaridovich Halvorsen Thompson-Stryfe-Gainsborough Donatello Leonard Raphael Michelangelo Fhqwhgads Anderson-Smith Jean-Luc Jones Solo Pepelu Tivrusky Amelia Fayette-Mahoney Kierkegaard Williamtonshireworth Melora Kramer!

I demand that somebody give me something to demand.

I demand that Ben and Jerry’s starts making more Kaberry Kaboom!

Dammit, Kaberry Kaboom fscking ROCKED!

I demand.

I Demand more RPG’s for my collection!!

I demand eternal happiness and life, WITHOUT heaven. And status as the ruler of some small but formidable nation.

Who are the hostages and why should I care if they’re released or not??*

*even if they’re important i wont give into your demands, just take them back by force, hardcore vladimir putin style

I demand that Yar not make stupid comments* and that we never have to address him by the name he has provided.

*He didn’t even demand that something be or not be, but that might be or might not be, which means even more nothing.

Who are the hostages? How do i know i even care about them?

Shoot the hostages.

Don’t shoot Fluffy!

I demand that a girl that likes me that’s not lesbian.

We ignore your feeble threats.

Shoot the hostages. Make bloodwine. Serve it in skull.

Oh ho ho ho ho…HO!

I demand that Charle get OFF OF MY TURF!!!*

Seriously, just because I am inactive for a short while, everybody thinks they can get a piece of the RPGC crime scene.