My damn weekend is going sweet.

Yeah. I’m probably having the best weekend ever. Not one weekend before, have I spoken about breasts so much. Anyways, I’ll begin from the start.

Okej. I get off school yesterday, and my friend (who I have heavily infatuated with) tries to persuay me to go to her house with her (score!), but I decline, 'cause I’m meeting with some friends after school, about 10 kilometers away from her house. She wore a loose shirt that day, and damn, I couldn’t stop staring at her larger-than-average breasts. Anyways, I arrive at my friend’s house, and we like, played random video-games like Resident Evil 4, and Amplitude, and then we played some Arc the Lad.

While he is playing, I told him about the person who wanted me to go to her house with her after school, and that I believe she is actually interesting in me. We walk home every day, we hang out all the time, and we buy each other stuff. And he said he has a similar issue (at an absence of words right now), with some female in his class. He said she has a good body, and I inquire. He then says she has seemingly small breasts. He also speaks about how some random idiots in his class sent some female flowers, with his name on it. The female confronted him after recieving said flowers, and called him a creep. He said she has a very good body. I inquire, and the response was she has very large breasts.

He then talks about some asian chick who would always talk to him. He thinks she is attracted to him. He says she doesn’t have that great of a body. I inquire, and the reponse was she has very small breasts. I then told him about my theory of small breasts. Since the breast is basically fat, among other stuff, my theory is that more active females, and ‘sporty’ females, have smaller breasts. Have you seen the schooling system in Japan? I mean, their physical education classes are so active. So, with all of that excercising garbage, they must burn off fat, i.e. breasts. Yeah. Stereotypes rule!

This conversation lead to us talking about the previous year we had (we went to the same school for a bit, then we went to individual schools), and he recalled many people to whom we were both friends too. A lot of these people were females. We spoke of how who had a major attraction to who, and other shit. We spoke about their bodies, and their behaviors. One ugly female had small breasts, and had a very interesting personality. One red hot female has large breasts, and would always talk about sexual oriented topics. One prep chick who has large breasts, would always talk about The OC, or some other garbage pop culture television programme, and she has an incredible personality. I was close to all of them. Always trying to score with the sex-crazy one. D:

So anyways, we continue talking and shit, and he brings up how my relationships are going with anyone. Yeah. Not much to say here! :open_mouth: And I tell him that I will tolly make the best proposal to the person I’m currently attracted to in the summer. And that’s the gist of my weekend.

From what I see:
You didn’t go to your big breasted friends house, so you could go to your guy friend’s house to talk about boobs.

I’m going to be honest with you, that doesn’t sound like a very good weekend.

Dude, do you got something against breasts or something?

There’s nothing wrong with small breasts. Not that I would want them or anything. But you guys sound like jerks

No, but if I did, I wouldn’t post a thread about it

Setz, this might shock you to hear, but there are these things called “women” attached to each pair of breasts, and that’s what’s important. Who cares whether the breasts are big or small? What matters is the actual woman who owns the breasts.

Not to mention, you’re a pretty late bloomer, what with going through the whole BOOBY phase at 16…

Really? I thought they were floating beings of their own! D:

I mentioned the word ‘female’, and ‘personality’, many times, to try and prevent someone from accusing me of only thinking of their breasts.

Eva, I never said I didn’t like small breasts.

edit; Eva’s 2nd post: Pshf. I just never openly had a discussion about them until like, now.

Then let’s talk about them now. Let’s talk about how soft and supple they are. And how good they feel whengets shot

I predict this thread will become gold soon.

One time I saw boobs durring the super bowl, but then my mom made me go to bed

One time I was showing my mom a mark on my stomach and I accidently lifted my shirt up too high and totally flashed her. I forgot that I wasn’t wearing a bra. it was horrible.

Meantime, your mommy did the same thing to you? or Janet did? plz specify.

If this is your best weekend ever, you must not get out much.

That I don’t. And I never said it was the best weekend ever.

My best weekend was probably the weekend that I got out of that slave labor camp in Siberia, I was commited for drawing a cartoon that depicted the Czar in a un-charismatic way

EDIT: No wait, it was probably the weekend that the Degrassi: Next marathon was on

My best weekend ever was probably three years ago when I went to that camp with my class. I had a blast (Could have gone without the horse ride though, my ass still hurts), finally managed to get along with the same fifteen people that I had been quarrelling for most of my student life, I got a real blast catching the girls peeking at us guys bathing and the girls even did a strip-tease (Underwear left on, sadly) out of their own free will.

No, I am not kidding about this one.

All right, congrats, you’re finally talking about breasts at age 16. Maybe in another 16 years you’ll actually see them, then in another 16 actually feel them. Fuck, when I saw breasts and great weekend I thought you got some. Come on are you gay or what? The chick invites you over and is wearing something sort of provacative and you go to your guy friend’s house? What the fuck? Also. I’m gonna take a little from each column. It is about the person. Like you could go to a strip club, see a bunch of hot naked chicks and then go back and see your chick and she would turn you on a lot more. Also, each size has its advantages and are nice.

Dude. I see breasts prolly about 300 times a day. All of which are on my computer monitor. AND, this is the first time I’ve openly discussed my fascination with breasts. Sure, I talk about them, but not in this manner that often.

yeah but everyone finds it funny that you’d turn down your cutie to go talk about her funbags with someone else.

haha you look at internet porn, you are probably the only one on earth that does that