My dad says thank you...

Grah! And after sooo long of being stuck on that game we finally find help. After talking to my dad about using this site’s shrines to help, we finally are able to continue. THank you for the shrine and thsnk you to the person who did that shrine.


What game? Who’s being thanked? I DEMAND TO KNOW!!!

Final Fantasy 8.

<img src=“”> Wow. So that pitiful excuse for a shrine was good for something afterall?

Ah… I should get off my ass and play that shouldn’t I… But that would mean getting off my ass and playing FF7… and THAT would mean getting off my ass and finishing FF6… Wow, I just realized I’m doing this in numerical order.

Well, yes… it’s a good shrine… :hahaha;

<img src=“”> No, it isn’t. It really, really isn’t.

The FF8 shrine… isn’t that one of the main parts of the sekkrit projekt?

Yea, I think so.

We’re actually deemed useful? Amazing.

This place has always been useful, especially the Agora.

Anyway congrats on completing FF8, Chris. What part were you stuck that you needed help?

In the Garden place right after you beat the T rex thingy…

What!!?!! Ain’t that like 20 minutes into the game or somethin’?!

starts pulling up the carpet

Huh? …Oh, sorry, that’s all I had to say…

I need to play that game through again…I only beat it once.

Who are you?

The FF8 shrine helped you?

Its one of the worst shrines on the site.

Ahhhhh FF8…good times…good times indeed…

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Who are you?

Good question… who am I?