My console can help cure more diseases than yours!

FAH say a network of PS3’s will allow performance similar to supercomputers.

With 10,000 machines joined together the researchers calculate they should be able to do a thousand trillion calculations per second.

If that was achieved it would be nearly four times as fast as the world’s most powerful supercomputer, IBM’s BlueGene/L System, capable of 280.6 trillion calculations per second.

This is actually a pretty cool idea. I remember when SETI set up a similar thing a while back.

Article link:

And the link to the project website:

If the guy who wrote this article had done his research, he’d know that protein folding experiments like this are most often wrong anyway.

Or you could take the resources needed for 10k PS3s and use it to build an actual supercomputer.

Or a giant robot.

Possibly a Death Star.

Cure for Cancer, dur. Oh sorry, Military applications are a better investment when it comes to getting bang for your buck.

Besides, why link CONSOLES at all when you could just … link … computers, MADE for computing?

PS3s are probably more cost effective than most computers in terms of the number of operations they can perform per second.

Which is why I’d shell out if there was a way to get Windows running on it, or at least a way to get a wireless keyboard/mouse combo onto it and get SOMETHING running.

Mabie 600 dollars is a conservative price considering how one console can do more than 2 factory bought dells at a time.Or not.

Interesting…didn’t they do this with like, 20k PSones & said that the terrorists could use them to launch nuclear weapons?

I propose we ban the ps3s to preserve our freedom.