My Cold War

Back in September I met a Russian girl. I asked her out and she said yes. We never dated because of her work. She worked all the time but I wanted to be with her. On New Year’s Eve she asked for marriage so she could get citizenship. Well I said yes, a stupid move granted but there were some things to be gained out of it. One was the new place I was living at wasn’t stable. I mean as in paying the rent and all. Two we could be together. Well a few days ago she admitted she has had a boyfriend for the past few months. Well I decided to call off the marriage however I didn’t get to tell her that night. She told me that she wasn’t working late and to call earlier. I called her a few more time in the time span of like 2 or 3 days but with the exception of one time I got no answer. That one time he answered and said she was sleeping. I figured she was working late again on some days. Since she rarely calls me back becuse she sleeps when she doesn’t work it wasn’t a big deal. Last night I called her and everything went up. Her boyfriend went crazy screaming and cursing. She didn’t like that I called so late. She said she would call me. I said bye and went to bed. After thinking about this I have decided that this is a major opportunity instead of a setback. This is not the resolution I want, nor one that I will like but this resolution is the one I need. The ball is in her court and now I can end the marriage without being the bad guy. Have I analyzed this ok? Should I take another path?

I don’t even know where to start in telling you that this relationship is a disaster and if it really is happening, how blind and naive you are and how this is the worst place to post this kind of thing that you can possibly imagine.

You should totally marry her.

Yes you are right. I have hit a another slump of depression is all not just from this. But this didn’t help. I’m not going to make any excuses about it. Lock this if you desire. And thanks for your honesty.

Eh I don’t see the problem with seeking help, knowing that there are a number of intelligent people who post here.

I’m not sure what to tell you other than get out of that and stop calling her and do whatever you can to stop thinking about her. Maybe leave her a message about the marriage. She sounds like a shady bitch to me

What Sin said. >_>

Agreed. -_-

She has a boyfriend and she is utterly unreachable. It’s not your fault you have to break it off, it’s the tenuous conditions and lack of time. You hardly have the time to come up with a coherent plan so therefore, it’s best to jump off that rickety boat before it simply turns to flotsam and scatters itself to the sea.

That and you shouldn’t get married to somebody you don’t love and has a boyfriend (kind of makes her a cheater on both of you)

Hey man,

But I do know one thing though,
Bitches they come, they go,
Saturday through sunday monday,
Monday through sunday yo.

Sorry things went to hell. Hope you pull through on the better end, guy.


Warsaw: You have already been played and used. Any further dealings you have with this ho will only lead to you being played, used, and humiliated further. Now, if you LIKE that sort of thing, then have fun. But, if you’d rather be a being with some pride, dignity, and self respect, then it is long past time you washed your hands of – and walked away from – this woman and her shitpile.

There’s really no need to put all sorts of legal repercussions on yourself because she couldn’t keep up her end of the relationship.

However you could sue her boyfriend for theft of the investment of time towards your relationship like this guy. (or at least you could’ve if you lived in the united state of Mississippi) <.<

Silliness aside though, it sounds like you really need to put down that relationship with both grace and haste. (because from what it sounds like her boyfriend isn’t someone you would want to have sic’d upon you.)

You need to forget about her faster than the mods will inevitably lock this thread.

Yeah… I don’t know diddly-squat about healthy relationships or girls for that matter, but for her to propose after a few months with the intention of gaining citizenship… red flag.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

So now you are into women of my tribe? Good luck with that.

Isn’t love beautiful?

this is the worst place to post this kind of thing that you can possibly imagine.
I’ve seen worse reactions, I think this thread was fair enough.

Agreeing to marry someone just to gain them citizenship is never a good idea. At the very least you should’ve asked her to date you first for a reasonable period, such as a year. Then you would’ve likely found out about the boyfriend earlier.

In any case, you should get rid of this mess as fast as you can. Send her a message that the deal is over and never look her up again. She’ll probably look for some else to marry, anyway.

make her marry her boyfriend

That’s why I called her. I planed to end things but things blew up. Sorry for the misphrasing on my part. Anyway things are over but undeclared as of yet. I’m not calling her. But thanks for the advice eveyone.