My Chemical Romance

Don’t you mean 2 legit 2 quit? Hey heeeey?

I’m sorry, that was depressing.

oh ya that’s for sure. Those bastards take the cake!

*edit: lunch bucket fucking suck too! their solos sounded like video game sound effects, in a baaaaaaaaaad way. they were the first band that played at the northwest metalfest last year.

Sonic feces? Kaiser, you’re so funny and gross. I hate to think of the possibility.

The lead singer of My Chemical Romance should go have a romance with some chemicals and hopefully die. I fucking hate them so much. My ass makes better music than them after a plate of tacos.

Actually, when I saw the title of this thread I thought it would be about someone’s drug addictions. I was a little disappointed, but maybe that’s because I realized I’m slightly disconnected musically for this one.


I think…


No, Vicki, stay far away from My Chemical Romance. It’s like Grunge, only bad for no reason.

PAULA ABDUL. She sounds like Madonna caught in a blender.

Actually, I gotta give credit where it’s due; the lead singer isn’t actually half bad. But, I hate that kinda music…HATE it; soooooooooo, he’s guilty by association.

Out of all the shitty emo bands lurking the airwaves these days, My Chemical Romance is the only one I can actually put up with. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them, but the music is surprisingly decent for being on MTV. They might just get the benefit of the doubt though because the singer is very pretty. It also looks like he’s the only emo rocker on MTV who doesn’t affect his voice into a little 11-year old girl whine.

I only wish I’d been here sooner… because there is something that does need to be said:

Emo does not suck implicitly. It is whiney ass bullshit bands that refer to themselves as “indy” which we have acidentally let keep a previous label they stole. Real emo music is hard to find, and sometimes sappy, but for the most part not atrocious. Our real issue is a specific formula for shitty music that involves a pretty little sad boy singing about how nobody loves him in a voice six octaves higher than physiologically possible. That isn’t emo, its just crap.

As for the points made about early nineties music… all I have to say is that bad music is never not being made the secret is to get music that is bad in a fun way.

On that note:

(1990) “Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date, but a year to make love she wanted you to wait? Let me tell you a story of my situation, I was talking to this girl from the U.S. nation. The way that I met her was on tour at a concert…”

(1993) Ace of Base

(1995) A Boy Named Goo

(1999) Limp Bizkit

I have to quote the first one cause its so deliciosuly bad.

Your post lost its credability just about… here. :smiley:

I really don’t understand how you guys find his voice so atrocious. Compared to the 5000 emo bands that all sound the same, (Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is… etc.) I really find My Chemical Romance to probably one of the more unique emo bands out there. I just think everyone needs to stop being such emo haters :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s make a wild comparison! Let’s compare the singer of Slayer to the singer of My Chemical Romance. Who’s more talented? I’d say the singer of My Chemical Romance. Does this mean the singer of Slayer is bad? No, his voice fits the music his band makes fine. But because the singer of My Chemical Romance is in an emo band, he’s guilty by association and horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

(this paragraph isn’t neccessarily connected to the last two, if you hate it you hate it, but whateva :P)
There really are a lot of talented emo bands out there, like Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst is probably one of the most talented song writers of our time), Desaparecidos, and The Mars Volta, The Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, etc. I really just think its sad that a lot of people automatically dismiss something just because its labeled as emo. Open up.

edit: I undertsand that everyone has different tastes, this is just more of a general observation.

I like MCR, and I like Emo. I hope my post didn’t seem to imply otherwise :open_mouth:

And The Postal Service is AWESOME. I remember when Mazrim sent me “Brand New Colony.” I listened to it on loop for like, a couple of days.

I just think the Blood Brothers are really bad >_>;

Edit: And the one time I heard Slayer they were… err… yeah. I don’t want that to happen again. MCR > Slayer, no question.

Edit #2: Sorry, I’m sure Slayer is a really good band, but, I’ve been spoiled with pristine quality music for so long that I can’t stand to listen to old, fuzzy metal with negative personal connotations. It’s depressing. And I like Emo.

It’s difficult to compare Emo to Slayer outright and call one better. They are most definitly two completly different kinds of music. For that matter, the guitar work is far faster and much more intricate in Slayer, and as a result the drum sets are also much, much faster. Not to mention the music as a whole doesn’t sound like shit. Don’t care much for the vocals, which is where my problems with Slayer lie. I hate that guy, jesus, he sounds horrible.

But you have to keep in mind that speed is relatively meaningless when it comes to guitaring. It’s impressive once in a while, but it’s amazing how a guitarist like Vertical Horizon’s can blow Slayer’s speed metal out of the water with slow, simple, four chord progressions. IMO, anyway. It’s all about composition, really. That’s all it comes down to. To hell with skill.

Well, I was speaking from that musical impressiveness stand point. In many ways, Slayers music is far more impressive than MCRs is.

Slayer is a good band for skill. Something like VH is good for composition. I’d say MCR is a middle ground, with a slightly gothic tone, and a lot of grindy-voiced screaming. It’s not going to appeal to everyone. And admittedly, some of their songs do sound like noise. But that might be because I listen to music almost concert-loud.

Hey - I listen to metal and rap. I know all about loud.

I totally agree with you here. I really don’t think their music is bad. Compared to whatever else people are calling Emo these days I think it’s better than most. It’s not something I would go out and rush to buy though. If all you guys are dumping on Emo, listen to Rites of Spring or Embrace. Those are two really good bands.