My Chemical Romance

Is this not the worst music you’ve ever heard? Jesus christ, whatever that lead singer is smoking, he needs to stop.

Most music I hear is the worst music I have ever heard.

This is a joke, right? A massive jest thread just to piss Steve off, right?

But if you honestly think MCR is bad, I could point you to some bands that you’d find just utterly appalling. coughBloodbrotherscough

Yea blood brothers really suck. On another note, so do the dresden dolls.


I only heard one song by them so far, but that didnt exactly made me want to hear more, so I agree, wtf is up with those people oO

I think they are pretty good myself, well, I’ve only really enjoyed that one song ‘Helena’… nevertheless they aren’t that bad at all. I’ve heard crappy music, they are far from crappy. Rather talented I think.

Oh, you can always find worse music.

The worst band of all time is Saving Throw.

I mean, their sound is just obnoxious. The lead singer sounds so bad, and the lyrics are just so…


And no, it’s not a thread to piss off Steve, does he like My Chemical Romance? Wouldn’t surprise me.

If you don’t like them, don’t listen to them. Whining about them won’t make them go away.

Sorc, you smell like ass.

Edit, just to make things clear, I don’t exactly care. I just like saying that.

I haven’t heard any of their songs, but from all the whiny depressed kids who call them ‘genius’, I’ll make sure to stay away from them.

And for worst band, I’d have to go with American Hi-Fi.

BMO’s sister’s band is probably the worst band ever.

I like it. First CD was better though. But then again, pretty much everyone on this board either likes metal or videogame musak.

edit: The Blood Brothers are good so fuck thee :stuck_out_tongue:

My Chemical Romance is not the worst music I’ve ever heard.

But that may only be because I’ve never heard them.

I must confess, however, that I have a hard time believing they, or anyone else, could be worse than the crap that was popular when I was 10 years old. I mean, even my favorite contemporary targets of music elitist scorn (Britney, The Simpson sisters, virtually every modern country singer, all techno, etc) sound better by comparison, I have discovered, whenever take a journey back to the chart toppers of 1989 and 1990.

MC Hammer.
Vanilla Ice.
Paula Abdul.
New Kids On The Block.

These are the names that make my blood freeze with abject horror. In fact, I just peed my pants, right now, as I read those names while proofreading my post. And we were all so young and stupid, we didn’t even realize we were listening to shit; actual sonic feces, read by a laser off of a plastic disk.

Next to them, My Chemical Romance probably sounds like fucking Mozart. Or at least The Beatles.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make a change of underwear.

Take hammer off of that list…<i>now</i>. >=(

Ninja Rap.

I take offence to that Shin.

Yeah, he was to legit to quit!