My browser is screwed.

Internet Explorer suddenly began having a new problem: It loads pages from the historial instead of checking for changes. Like, if I load the Agora, I might get the same page I loaded yesterday night even if there were new posts and threads.

Using Ctrl+R solves this, but it’s really annoying to do all the time especially since I don’t know when I’m missing anything and when I’m not. This is not the first time I’ve seen this, but the last (And only) time it happened was a problem of the site itself, now it’s doing it everywhere. I’m not sure it’s because of that, but I began having this problem the day before yesterday after a major blackout shut down my computer. This is, however, the only abnormality I’ve detected since then.

I have yet to check if Firefox does the same.

Tools - Internet Options - Temporary Internet Files - Settings.

The option that said “Check for new versions of the saved pages” was on “Automatically” so I switched it to “Every time I visit the page”. Let’s see how that goes.

EDIT: Nope. It’s happening less though. Using the boards as an example, the main page updates, but the individual forums and threads usually require CtrL+R.

Have you tried to delete all the Temporary Internet Files?

That’s the first thing I tried even before asking.