My better than Hades' game

Ok, since hades’ game has become corrupt and evil, I’ve decided to make an EVEN BETTER game. It’s name is:


The way it works is: you are god. It takes place in the 21st century, but you can go forward and backwards in time. In the game, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, whereever you want. Every weapon ever created will be available, as well as millions of recently invented ones. Also available options are: cooking, fishing, architecture, quantum physics, and whatever else we decide to throw in.

The plot is as follows. The world has turned against you (as god). It is your job to convert them, either through miracles, or HORRIBLE BLOODY CHAOS.

What do you think?

I already played that game

It was called Every Single City-Builder Game Ever, I believe.

Never try to play God. He always wins.

Yeah, and the graphics and voice acting was horrible.

Your game sucks. There’s not enough killing.

Sounds like a better version of black and white, but given how much B&W sucked, that doesn’t say much.

Sounds like Black n Whi— yeah, what he said. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hey, B&W didn’t suck ;.;

I have this GREAT idea for a game played on a 3x3 grid. On this grid, players take turns placing an icon of some sort, and the first to get 3 in a row wins.

I hope this game thing doesn’t spawn a new bandwagon.

your game wouldn’t get past the testing group.

My game consists of sending me money through paypall, so you can pretend to be a wizard or a guy with a sword for 3 months

Meh. It’s been done.

I actually played it for a bit. Heh, the tiger was so pumped with goodness he was turning pink, petting people and watering trees all over the place. Still, sometimes he ate one or two, or stomped on something. Once, some people were dancing around a rock, I took him there, he looked at it, and stomped it, just like that. And don’t remind me of the time I was teaching him how to use lightning. A split second after learning it, he set it off and torched an entire herd. ^^;;; The fighting parts were cool though, and he kicked ass.

If i made a game(first i would have to be creative enough to make a game) it would be a pc game where you control a hacker(which has probably already been done)whose mission is to infiltrate the files of the world’s most top secret organizations without being deported or sent to a desert prison(which also probably has been done already) and infect their computers with spyware(kinda like what some assholes on the net did to my computer, probably some government organization…fortunately i downloaded stopzilla)and steal the secrets of the world and world domination, then drain the world bank accounts into your own(stupid idea for a game, but would be cool to do in real life) :thud: and you would also be able to defend yourself from government agents in the game…(mind goes blank)…nuff said…

One day, I wanna take a hacker who makes viruses, and beat him to the point where he is one inch from death, that would be sweet

or her

There aren’t any girl hackers.

More than the irony behind that article, I find alot of humor in all the people trying to defend virus writing and how it isnt bad… lol, hurray