MY basic rights in the EU!

Today, we had visitors from the political world in my school. They told us why we should vote “yes” respectively “no” to the Euro. (The “no” people did a horrible job, by the way; it was very disappointing.)

Outside, they had all kinds of neat booklets and pins for us to pick and put in the recycling bins/trash cans! :slight_smile: I actually got my very first political pin and put it on my bag - it says both yes and no. =P

But I that’s not interesting… I also saw a plastic container filled with something that looked like erasers. When I picked one up, I realized that it was in fact a book…

<img src=“”>
(Weiila holding a freshly printed copy of the bestseller “<b>My basic rights</b> in the Eurpean Union!” If enough people show interest, we will also offer a pocket sized version in the future for your tavelling convenience!)

Very cute, and they probably thought it was a very neat idea, but <i>oh</i> the irony!

Yup, aren’t we lucky? ^^;; The irony will kill meee…

(I hate seeing myself smile at photos, especially if I’m about to burst out laughing. Meh :P)

I thought you were going to get the Euro in 2005 regardless of how you as a country voted on it? :smiley: (Where’s that quote from the Swedish PM I used to have in my sig…)

Maybe there’s something up with the “No” presenters being so poor. Maybe they’re doing it on purpose!

And yes, I love the irony of a book of basic rights being so miniscule…maybe I took the Orwell tag off too soon…

Anyway, Weiila, with your hair pulled back like that, I can really see the resemblance between you two.

[Yes, I’m lurking in the picture posting threads…]

I don’t find it ironic at all. Basic rights are, well, basic. It’s not like you need a 12000 page legal document letting you know you’re entitled to life, liberty, fish tacos, and whatnot.

True, but it’s still kinda tiny…

It’s fun seeing the whole Euro voting from my viewpoint over here since everyone seems to shout “JA! JA! TA EURO OCH SVERIGE SKA SE UT KLOK!!”

Even the president… >.>

“… ska se klokt ut”?

It’s so tiny! And made in France, aparently… And there are tiny grey men on it who look like they are line dancing!

raises an eyebrow I know basic rights are few and common sense, but that tends not to be a reassuring sight.

'Cept for it being Weiila in the pic. That’s alwasys a good sight

Can’t see it.

Originally posted by StarStorm
raises an eyebrow I know basic rights are few and common sense, but that tends not to be a reassuring sight.

:hahaha; How true.

I know most of my rights, and I don’t need some stupid little book telling me stuff I already know. That what my school text books are for (well my GCSE ones at least)!

Why carry around a book full of stuff that my teachers have forced me to learn since I was a little first-grade kid? Know what I mean?

Why not? It’s a cute little book the size of a postage stamp.

please vote yes, so that the euro stops making the rest of scandinavia look like a penis.

I had imagined it would have been larger, but then again, Norway’s is about the size of a micro-chip. Probably smaller.

Maybe irony wasn’t the right concept…

…oh well, too late now.

The Euro was created as a sneak-attack by the French in order to conquer the world! Britain will keep refusing to use it, until all the Euro-using countries turn on Britain and burn it down! The French will then manipulate the Euro’s value until every other country in Europe is attacking each other! The UN will then try to stop the fighting, but Bush will use it to destroy all the other filthy countries! Meanwhile, the French will have secretely rocketed off into space, just waiting for everyone else to get killed! Then they’ll land, and all get killed instantly by the one group of people more evil, more sinister, more vile than the French: the Swedish!

Okay, sorry, got carried away there. Anyway, the Euro isn’t gonna work, simply because a bunch of countries are stubborn and won’t give in.

It is ironic because it came from the “yes” table. Look how great the EU is! We have all these rights! Except the book is really really tiny…

I want one of those little books. ;-;

I bet you can get one off eBay or something.