Muslims deny Holocaust, teachers drop it

Tell me that this article isn’t worth 50lbs of bullshit (ie, people are getting just a little TOO GODDAMN SENSITIVE and people are getting even more retarded).

This is assuming that they pay attention to history lessons in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not only bullshit, it’s 360 degrees of bullshit. It’s bad enough that history is taught to slant in the favor of whatever country it’s being presented, but this is just idiotic.

I’m takin’ bets to see which will take the next hit? Will it be…
A) Science,
B) English,
C) Math or,
D) Recess.

So any takers?

Hmph, “teachers”. They’d better check out the definition of their job once again. And remember they’ve got a spine.

Fuck them.

We get history from what sources we have available, not from a denomination or a Mosque. And it doesn’t only concern the teachers in question. What’s the take of the Ministry of Education on this?

(I’ll tell you the story about the Greek history book as soon as I have time)

Goddammit. This is why I’m glad I’m doing cold, objective mathematics*- I won’t have to deal with any of this bullshit in years to come. IMO pandering to holocaust deniers is tantamount to denying the holocaust yourself. If people are uncomfortable with learning about it then they can stick their fingers in their ears and hum really loudly. History should be about the teaching of real facts, not ‘good facts’ (Babylon 5 reference there if anybody gets it).

*That said though there was a US state who at the end of the 19th century (I think) passed a law declaring that pi was exactly equal to 3. After a few months of having clocks that had hours lasting 75 minutes, they decided it probably was closer to 3.1415927 after all. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the Daily Mail the British equivalent to the New York Post? What I’m saying is: can we trust what it’s saying, or is it just spewing garbage?

I second GAP’s statement. And even if it is true, is this more like some backwards school in kansas or is this representative of the UK? Are the teachers that are supposedly doing this normal teachers or already holocaust deniers, like our friends in kansas with evolution? Could this article be a ploy by the newspaper to grab attention or generate anxiety within the population and further turn them against muslims? (ie political ends ala fox news - the political point which relates back to also being a holocaust denier).

The article cites a high school in an unnamed northern city. That in itself is a meaningless statement. What is the proportion of muslims in northern britain?

Overall the proportion of muslims in the UK is 2.7%, according to 'kipedia. It very much varies from city to city, though- the northern city that was referred to could well have been Bradford, where 16% of the population are muslim.

But yes, the Mail have been known to over-dramtise stories in the past. Stand-up comedians often joke that the average Daily Mail reader is obese, a victim of identity fraud, suffering from MRSA and about to be blown up by a terrorist at a moment’s notice.


MRSA is methicillin resistant staphilococcus aureus. It is an antibacterial resistant and very aggressive and potentially lethal bacteria that common infects patients in hospitals.

The Indiana House of Representatives tried defining pi as equal to 3.2. The bill died in the Senate.

What the hell? That doesn’t even round correctly.

The story has appeared in other newspapers as well, including the Guardian (article here), so it’s not total bullshit.

That said, it is total bullshit. =| You can’t selectively choose what to teach and what not to teach, just because it upsets someone. Facts are facts, deal with it. If it upsets a parent so much, at most they should simply be asking to excuse their child from the class.

Although, I’m surprised Muslims would object about the Crusades, since the Crusaders ended up proving to be just as bad as the people they were traveling to war with.

Much worse, really. If you look at styles of combat, treament of prisoners, and even out of war treatment of people, the Islamic empires were much moer kind and tolerant than their European counterparts (and most Asian counterparts, though Vietnam equalled or surpassed them for much of its free existance). They were more tolerant of Christians than Christians of other denominations right until the end of the crusades. Even then, it wasn’t as much animosity and brutality as distrust. They retained their status as “people of the book” in many Islamic kingdoms for years afterwards.

On the actual subject, the thread/article title pisses me off. Some muslims are offended and deny the holocaust. Not all of them. “Muslims deny” is an unfair generalization against a religion that faces enough undue bigotry as it is. There are plenty of Christians, Atheists, and even a surprising number of Jews who deny the holocaust. It’s a fucked-up and really irrational thing to do, since there are literal mountains of evidence against you in the form of mass graves. That said, it’s also very fucked up to the blame squarely on one group.

That reminds me, I need to go to Carls Jr to get a new social security card.

Arac, the title of the article and this thread are in conforming to the standard grammar of headlines and so forth, not a broad declaraction of anything. I believe there’s a case in Latin explicitly for this purpose, although my memory fails me.

And, I think this is the kind of thing that makes Cidofalas’s head explode.

The whole report is available here:

Although it was commissioned by a government agency, it was actually carried out by something called “The Historical Association.” The majority of the report appears to consist of recommendations on how best to teach about the Holocaust. The claims about the “northern school” are not really the main point of the report, however they are just as vague here as in the newspaper articles.

Yeah, I guess so. It just seems like poor wording to use with that grammar. I was probably overreacting.
I think Latin does, too, but my memory of gender, number, case, declensions and whatever else those crazy bastards put on nouns is foggy not, too.

And, I think this is the kind of thing that makes Cidofalas’s head explode.

Do you mean the fact that people are willing to indulge crazies in the name of political correctness? I’ve long gotten used to the fact, unfortunately. 8-\

The West continues to turn its back on the Jews after all they’ve done for us.