Musical Instruments, Motha fscka, do you play them??

I’m bored and just wondering how many people here play some sort of musical instrument. So, if any, what instruments do you guys/girls/genderless/shemales play?

Me??? Well, I play the guitar, bass, hand drums and turntables. But I think I’m strongest on either the bass or guitar.

I used to play tuba, trumpet, and baritone horn. However, it’s been a couple of years so I wouldn’t be too good. I could probably pick it up pretty fast though.

guitars, bass, drums but I like my bass the best.

My primary instruments are Percussion and Vocals. I can do just about anything in the percussion field, from drumset, to xylohpones, to auxillary percussion; however, I just don’t have the passion for playing percussion that I once had. I do it more out of necesity these days, so I’m very rusty. :stuck_out_tongue: Vocals is my specialty now. Not many things make me feel quite as good as just singing until I can’t sing anymore. :smiley:

Other than that? I know a bit of piano (I’m decent at doing blues improv and that’s it :P), and I fool around on guitar and bass a little, just for kicks; I’m not particularly great at either.

Piano for a while, but my teacher was a bolox so I quit. I play the tin whistle sometimes, but I prefer to sing.

I’ve played the piano an clarinet before. Been a while since I player either.

I can play a few tunes on piano and acoustic guitar, but the only instrument I’ve had formal training in is flute. I dearly wanna get an electric guitar. ^^

Pipe organs.

I play guitar and sing.

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Guitar, a bit of vocals, a bit of bass, and a smidgen of keyboard. I want to maybe get a bass and/or a keyboard one day, but in the meantime I have two guitars, and access to three, one a jackson flying v, and another being an ibanez semi-acoustic.

I am not very musical person. I can sing reasonably well, but I cannot truly play any instruments, although I was able to play piano and recorder when I was a child. I have an ocarina, but I only know how to play a few simple tunes on it (including some from the Legend of Zelda series).

I would love to learn guitar, and thereafter lute.

Guitar (6- and 12-String)
Piano (and keyboard)

EDIT: Forgot Harmonica, sorry.

Guitar. And I have cheap guitars =\

I play a mean jaw harp. Not really, but I’m a singer.

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