What music group etc.

Mine is Puffy Amiyumi.

ummmm… ‘G-unit’ I guess,…OH, ‘system of a down’, uh, sometimes ‘Metallica’ …and thats about it, not many groups for rap or hip-hop.I usually just like single singers

Iron Maiden.

and some White Stripes.

Edit: Actually, no… Rhapsody is better than Maiden.

AFI and Rammstein :3

My Avvie and Sig says it all =D Other than Zuntata, I do enjoy the SST Band, the Star Onion Brigade, the Black Mages, Iron Maiden, Metallica, there’s also the Falcom JDK Band that’s pretty high on my list.

I’d say Alice in Chains.

Metallica, Linkin Park and a whole lot of Argentinean groups you don’t know.

Bad Religion.

Iron Maiden and Megadeth.

If I had to Narrow It down to five groups…
The Misfits(with Glenn Danzig)
Pink Floyd

Offspring, Evanessence, and linkin Park.

Status Quo. :slight_smile:

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ash, Nirvana, U2 and The Pogues.

I can never narrow it down. I listen too to much stuff. And I can never figure out if I like Rap or Metal more.

Punk mostly, but whatever else I’m in the mood for.

I’m an ecclectic sunuvabitch. Every band I like is my favorite.


duh… thrash metal owns…

The Cure, deLillos, Zombia and the Skeletons!

The only two groups that I can name and actually know a song to are Blind Guardian and tmbg. So, those two are my favorites I guess ^^

Linkin Park
Steven Lynch >>;