Music Recommendations

Since my cascading CDs were such a whore, I decided to ask for an Ipod during the holidays.Thing is, I thought I could easily fill it up with music and junk.Im not even a quater way to the 30 GB mark, which is pretty sad.So can any of you recommend me any bands/songs?It can be anything from funk-like:

*The BloodHound Gang
*The Bravery
*Franz Ferdinand
*The Killers
*Motion City Soundtrack

To even as heavy as:
*Sinai Beach
*Bleeding Through
*In Flames
*Darkest Hour
*Shadows fall

To even as slow as:

Or even emo-like:
*Poison the Well
*It Dies Today
*Papa Roach

Well I named some so you can get an idea ;anything in the rock catagory otta do it since I have a wide variety of taste in rock (but please, nothing outside this).Note that I already have all these listed.Im just naming a few so that you could recommend me something similar :smiley:

Jerry C, if you can manage to download anything other than Canon Rock.

Edit: found one with actual MP3s

Disturbed, maybe Korn (most people I know who listen to Disturbed also listen to Korn). System of a Down, though they’re not too rock I s’pose. Dream Theater has a wide range of music, but something like Pull Me Under might fit your tastes. Coal Chamber isn’t too bad, though I barely listen to them. You might like The Black Mages (Nobuo Uematsu’s band); their albums are kick ass, though some of the tunes are odd, especially compared to the originals (Otherworld). Rage Against the Machine, specifically the Battle for Los Angeles CD. Rammstein has some good beats (Du Hast, Links 234), and a lot of the remixes are excellent, though I don’t like their live stuff too much.

And you didn’t list them, so I will. Metallica and Megadeth.

As you’ve said a good chunk of bands I like I won’t be telling you what to listen to, as long as you don’t listen to Fall Out Boy, The Used and My Chemical Romance. As long as you don’t listen to those…‘bands’ you’ll have good taste in music. :stuck_out_tongue:

here are some bands you might like based on some of the bands you posted:

Bright Eyes (earlier stuff)
White Stripes
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (get the album “Howl” first)


Black Label Society, goddammit.

Mew, Carpark North?

Funny, I have those already and sorry, how could I forget the classics (Metallica, Queen,Guns and Roses, etc) ^^ all except Rise against the Machine since my loathe towards rap/rock is immense.

Everyones suggestion, except for Nul’s, I already have.Im looking for something maybe not well known and sounds good…and with words (sorry Steve,Jerry C.
sounds awesome though)
But I will try those bands Nul, thanks

Queens of the Stone Age

Eagles of Death Metal (Not actually death metal. Thats just the name of the band. One of Josh Homme’s side projects.)

the beatles, specifically anything they did between please please me and abbey road.

the first few rolling stones records are ok too. and all the velvet underground’s records.

This is the kind of thread I always end up discovering new music from… it’s the best thing about the “long tail” and music… before u had to read in a magazine or hunt around in a record store to find something cool – which made the choices always subject to the “gatekeeping” of editors and music store buyers and etc… – which would lead inevitably to mediocrity and the prevalence of “poser music” – i.e. stuff that you want to like because you think it’s cool, not because you really like it. Music journalism especially creates high-profiles for really lame stuff, because journalists are always looking behind their backs, trying to profile something that they think in 2 years people will think they were cool for liking “way back when”… I GREATLY prefer the democratic nature of threads like these, where people simply list their tastes and you can just look something up on itunes or youtube and check it out for yourself…

These days I’m really into techno and techno/rock and stuff like that – try searching for these songs:

Thomas Falke “Revolution On The Dance Floor”
Groove Cutter “My Shooter”
Control One “Just A Little Bit”
Ian Carey “Redlight”
Kevin Weg “Dead Radio”

I don’t usually go for techno but these are sort of like a wierd crossover between rock and techno/trance.

Here are also some downloads with some other cool stuff too –