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I really need to ask a favor of all of the metalheads of RPGC. I am in need of new music to download, and since I like powermetal and was looking to check out some stuff I haven’t heard, maybe you guys can help. I’m looking for groups that sound somewhere in the realm of Iron Maiden or Dream Theater. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks

Uh, no idea, but I can send you (a lot of) Rammstein if you want to listen to them. I also have Disturbed, System of a Down, and Metallica (though I doubt you’re looking for Metallica). PM, e-mail, or IM me (phoerret AT gmail DOT com TheMobileCorner, respectively).

Oh, and I just got MSN too. Same e-mail.

Well, I don’t know what you have besides Iron Maiden and Dream Theater, but you might like Blind Guardian and In Flames. Those are the first that come to mind for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Word. any suggestions for albums to try first.

Walhalla, if you have them, send them to me too please. :slight_smile:

err I don’t know a thing about powermetal but Iron Maiden rocks. . so maybe stuff like Manowar, Judas Priest, Savatage, Edguy, Aina, Suncaged.

and for In Flames, get Clayman, it has ‘Only for the weak’ on it… 'that song rocks

For Blind Guardian, I’d recommend Tales from the Twilight World. It’s old, like 1990, but it is among their best work, in my opinion. For relatively newest stuff, Nightfall in Middle Earth is nice too.

As for In Flames, I don’t know anything newer than The Jester Race album. So, I’d recommend that one, or whatever Damage said. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have them on my comp, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, first, Iron Maiden is heavy metal and Dream Theatre is progressive metal. Given that, you might like some progressive stuff and regular heavy metal or some NWOHM. Here’s some stuff you should check out:
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime (a seattle based band, and that album is a concept album. I don’t really know the concept, but it rules. Maybe Genericangstyposterwhateverthehellhisscreennameisnowadays knows)

Power Metal:
Stratovarius - Visions in Europe(it’s a live album, it’s pretty good, also the album “Episode” has some sweet songs on it too.)
Blind Guardian (What Walhalla suggested is their good stuff, their new live album is great too)
Hammerfall (I don’t really have any albums by these guys, but they’re good. download anything by them)
Dragonforce (same as above)
Helloween (same as above)
Gamma Ray (same as above)

Heavy Metal:
Judas Priest (fuckin awesome band, check out the albums “Rocka Rolla”, “Painkiller”, “Defenders of the Faith” and of course “BRITISH STEEL”!!!)
Saxon (don’t have any albums, but they’re good.)
Accept (same as above)
Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations(this band is fucking awesome! if you like Iron Maiden, I’m sure you’d like these guys.)
Iced Earth (they’re more modern, but they’re good too)

I could recommend some Death, Thrash, and Black Metal bands, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for.
Also, some good websites to take a look at if you want to look into these bands are: - it’s down right now, but I’m sure it will be back up soon.

Gila beat me. I second all of his, but HEAVILY emphasize Iced Earth, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, and Queensryche. I emphasize Manowar, too- but that’s because they’re hilarious.

You’d probably like Gwar or Green Jello (AKA Green Jelly) if you’re not feeling like something at all serious.

Excellent suggestions, metalheads. I’ve heard a lot of it before, but a lot of that would be nice to own, too. I’ve been trying to get Operation:Mindcrime for some time now, but I keep getting bad torrents. And there’s quite a bit I haven’t heard also. Mostly the Scandanavian Power Metal.

Thanks guys, this really made my day. Especially after being assaulted with a racial slur earlier today on these forums.

Much like the Dictators.

Turbonegro is slightly metal so get Apocalypse Dudes if you want, just ask me.

hey, for the hell of it, you should try downloading some Venom and Bathory. preferably anything from “Welcome to Hell”, “Black Metal”, or “At War With Satan” by Venom, and freakin anything by Bathory. You might like it.

Bah, Bathory. oO; Crappy. Otherwise I’m with Gila and Rouny on this one. And sorry Cala, but for recommending SoaD and Disturbed and stuff as “stuff that sounds like Iron Maiden”/ power metal, you deserve to be shot :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, that’s a first.

I dunno. Never really got to like them.

I enjoy Bathory and Venom as well, but I believe that Big Dizzy was asking for more melodic vocals.

Speaking of which, they’ve probably been reccommended to death to you, knowing that this community has 3204823098 fans of them, but I’ll have to say Nightwish.


Yes you can start to envy me now… cause these are a few of the first bands already confirmed for Graspop 2005…

And for more rock-ish stuff, try Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper and the likes, and- plzdunkillme- the eagles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seconding Damage on Suicidal Tendencies. I in particular recommend the “Lights, Camera, Revolution” and “How Will I Laugh Tommorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today” albums.

And is nobody mentioning Black Sabbath because it’s too obvious/assumed he already has a healthy collection thereof?