Music genre

I nearly forgot the greatest treasure of all…80s one-hit wonders!

Hmm…It seems that I am the only conservative here(A person who does not like music until a listen to the “genre”(like Wilfredo Martinez mood/interest is dependant on).

Me like old european classical era(Particularly, Middle ages, and Renaissance folk music), sound poetry, ethnopoetics(this might count as vocal music), Noise(no comment), Avantgarde/Contemporary music (including early hardware electronic music, free tonality, free jazz, serialism(extension of the twelve tone techinque), conventional instrumentation, algorithmic composition, soundscapes, acousmatics, mixed media), No wave era, sound art, and something new(drone metal, avant garde pop, math rock, noise rock, and ambient metal).

Pop music? Every genre was/is popular.


I’m going through that phase right now!!

I’m at a conflict of favoring either The Outfield’s “Your Love” or Tears for Fears’s “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” Decisions decisions…


Whoa, you know your stuff.

I like most genres besides country. I also have suggestions for non gangsta hip hop.
Talib Kweli, Run-DMC, Doug E. Fresh, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Del The Funkee Homosapien, and others I can’t think of at the moment.
But as of late I have been listening to a lot of Stoner Metal, like Kyuss, QOTSA, Black Sabbath, Superjoint Ritual, Clutch, and others.

I like Vietnamese Techno. Also traditional Japanese, Russian, and German music.

QOSTA rocks indeed. The best techno by far for me is…as common as this sounds…The Crystal Method. Trance goes to DJ Tiesto. Electronica goes to Swayzak.

This pretty much describes me too.

On my playlist, I have Alternative, Rock, Metal, Classical, Folk, Opera, Country, Disco, Rap, R & B, Pop, Techno, “Oldies”, Dance, Punk, Hip Hop, Industrial, New Age, VGM, Disco, Show Tunes… EVERYTHING. Seriously. And I don’t add music to my playlist unless I really like it.

I’ve always sort of been bugged when somebody says “I like all musical genres… except this, this, and that”. I have yet to find a single musical genre that doesn’t have many good and many terrible songs. For example, country music isn’t my favorite genre, as a lot (probably the majority) of the songs are really, really hokey, but some country songs are among my all time favorites. But I don’t usually listen to country stations, because I don’t like most of it. But if I was to close myself off to the entire genre (assuming that I didn’t like most of it, so I probably won’t like any of it), I’d be missing out on some of my favorite songs. Does that make sense?

Given that 95% of my collection is VGM and the other 5% is metal. Add to that that I don’t listen to the radio at all… and you should be able to guess what’s my fav music genre :smiley:

hm …lets see, im more of the rapper kind, and pop is a must kill, thats just soooo …gay and stupid, atleast to me. and (this is embarrassing) BUT i do like rave and all that techno crap, and miracuolosly I also like metal and alternative (actually that depends on the song)but originally DMX, Tupac and ect. are my homeboys

That nearly fried my brain trying to comprehend…


why is that?

EDIT: (uh oh… soo sorry for the double post!! FUCKING laptop)

My styles? Punk/Hardcore, Psychobilly, Electronica (though I don’t know many good artists), Metal, Post-Punk blah blah blah.

My favorite is rock. Mainly hard rock. Sometimes I listen to rap. Some Heavy Metal is good but I hate it when all they do is growl or scream.

Thrash metal is currently my favorite, but I enjoy all the forms of metal, most punk, industrial, some gothic rock, classical, opera (especially Wagner), anything 80s, most things 70s, and even some rap now. Fuck, I’ll give anything a listen once- I’ve found that not all Linkin Park songs are detestable, for instance. Key words being “not all.”

J-pop (anime) and game music. I personally like the flute, violin and piano.

Trance goes in well. I, on the other hand, don’t appreciate lyrics as much as I would a good beat. It somehow just detracts from the wholeness as you try to listen…

For the few first times when you hear a new song anyways.

(I tend to get sneered at a lot if I mention game music, as it tends to bring bleep bloop up in the minds of everyone.)