Music genre

What is your favorite music genre? :dancer: :hyperven:
Rap, Rock,Pop, or Other?

I like pop music, it’s super cool! :cool:

Rock, then electronica (trance/techno/drum n’ bass, etc.), and then hip-hop. Pop is disposable.

I like ALL genres of music. No really. Even Rap and Metal Rock.

It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel mellow and I listen to classical music. Sometimes I feel romantic and I listen to balads. And sometimes I’m just pi- uhh, angry and I listen to really loud, angry music!!

I must point out, however, that the it’s LYRICS that are most important to me. So, I don’t listen to most Rap not because I don’t enjoy the music style, but because I hate all the gangsta references like “hos” and “I’ll kill ya sucka!!” But there ARE Rap songs out there with some really good lyrics.

Like Wil, I’m ecclectic. I can like any and all styles of music, from rock to pop to classical to bluegrass… except Rap and Hiphop, those just grate on me. So the great thing about my tastes is, you can’t tell em my choices in music suck, since they most likely encompass yours, too, so you’re insulting yourself! HA!

But for the msot part, I’m into Heavy Rock, like Sonata Arctica. Damn good stuff, my Sun of San Sebastion.

I’d have to say my FAVORITE genre would be either Ska or Rock.

Bluegrass disco.

Roll that one around in your mind for a while.

The only music I listen to is VGM. I’m not saying I can’t stand other genres (I can listen to pretty much anything), but I really don’t have any songs I really truly like aside from VGM stuff.

I like almost everything, exept for rap, country, and modren pop.

I especialy like rock, 80’s music, and some forms of metal.

What exactly does that sound like?

Anyway, I try to listen to a diverse collection, but primarily I listen to classic rock.

Might I suggest unless you already like 'em, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, and Outkast. Those are at least my faves among that genre. VGM…no…just no…

Rock, sorta. But I’ll listen to anything, except boybands. I just can’t stand them. They suck such total ass.

Industrial, although I like just about anything but rap and country. It just depends on the band/song.

I’m mostly eclectic- I listen to everything, but my top genre is trance.

I like a bit of most genres of music. However, the one that I have never ever been able to stand is country music. That sort of music just really annoys me. Everything else I can usually find something that I like.

My moods varry between streaks of Rock, Techno-ish stuff, Industrial, and/or Speed Metal. Anything else is usually a case by case kinda thing.

It’s actually just rock, but I have a signed poster of this band that says “The Kings of Bluegrass Disco”. It’s just hilarious.

Like others, I like all sorts of music. Rock, Metal, Punk, Emo, Alternative, Industrial, old school rap, and others.

Gosh, what DON’T I listen to? :stuck_out_tongue: I really liek pretty much everything, except for some pop rock, most country, and most emo/indie rock. Just ask anyone who’s met me, my mix CDs really do have like EVERYTHING on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I listen to pretty much everything - like, seriously. Country, disco, metal, rap, pop… all of it.