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Though, it would be very nice to make a Linux forum and confine Wertigon to it.

<img src=“”> This would be far, FAR more useful than a music forum <_<

…You have a forum for a specific rpg series (SaGa) and yet you don’t think we need a general games forum? >>;;

I think music would be far more useful than half the forums we have right now. But whatever.

That’s a little different. The SaGa people are a community whome RPGC hosts on the message boards.

How did I get left out of the music people group? I’d probably post there a lot.

if you don’t make a board based on your assumption of how few people are going to use it on a regular basis, you have some boards to get rid of that are already on here.

The hosted forums aren’t going to go anywhere as they are hosted forums. None of the forums here need to be gotten rid of, especially for something that may not work out.

I would venture to say that some of the existing forums haven’t “worked” out. I don’t see what the big deal is, you’ve deleted forums that didn’t work out before. Remember the tower? I think we all agree that didn’t really work out very well, and as such it got the axe.

this is the 30th time theres been a motion for a music forum >_>

I’m pretty sure there would be a lot more music-related stuff if there was a forum to put it in. More music news, more reviews of albums, more ‘listen to this band or I will kick in your head’ kinda stuff.

I’m sure it’d be successful too. The media forum is more of a place for fanart and fanmusic and such. More people would enjoy the Music forum than the friggin Homework or SpriteHQ forum. But its not going to happen because everyone sux and its not about what the community wants :stuck_out_tongue: (I = Community) I mean if the subject has came up so much, just go for it.

Perhaps the Media Forum requires subcategories?

The RPGC Media Forum
This is THE source for anything dealing with Fanfiction, Fanart and Fanmusic…well, at least our source anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, I wouldn’t consider a discussion on how Metallica has changed over the years, or about which punk bands are good, to fit into that description. How many people consider Metallica to be fanmusic?

we just need a music forum… i’m craving to flood the world with my useless garbage on music

How bout we get a forum for talking about a music forum , instead?

How about we get a forum for talking about how much Charle sucks at life!

We could just alter the description a little.